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Week 26 starts on day 182 and goes up to day 189.
It is your 27e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 33 centimeter / 13 inches
Weight of your baby: 720 gram / 1 lbs 9 ozs

Week 26 is another milestone! If the baby were to be born now, it would have a chance of survival. We refer to babies born at less than 28 weeks as 'extremely premature'. The limit for viability is recognised as 26 weeks. At this week of pregnancy, the chance of the baby surviving outside the uterus is 81% but such a premature birth also involves considerable risks. The baby still has very little immunity and is extremely susceptible to infection. Minor brain haemorrhages could also occur quite easily. The lungs are not yet mature enough to function on their own outside the uterus. With a lot of luck and intensive care, the baby could nevertheless survive.

The baby's eyelids have been firmly closed since the 11th week but will open again this week. He can distinguish light from dark and will therefore perceive more of what happens outside the womb.

The placenta is almost as big as the baby itself.

Your baby's movements are growing stronger and your ribs or abdomen can sometimes really hurt. While not exactly pleasant, this is perfectly normal.

Your uterus has grown to quite a size now, and your intestines will be rather cramped for space. You'll probably have to wee more frequently, due to the baby pressing on your bladder. You could also develop bowel problems. Common problems during pregnancy are constipation and the opposite: diarrhoea. This is awkward and unpleasant for you but provided you eat and drink well, it won't harm the baby at all.

Has the nesting instinct hit you yet? Around the 5th month of pregnancy many mums-to-be suddenly feel an urge to tidy and clean everything. And any rebuilding or redecorating suddenly needs to be done 'right now'. This is a natural reaction as you and your body are preparing for birth. You'll want everything to be neat and tidy when the baby arrives, after all.

You may find sport is less enjoyable now than it used to be. Your bump is a lot larger and will get in the way. The only sport you can continue throughout your pregnancy is swimming. You could also join a special antenatal swimming class. The water will usually be a bit warmer and as well as swimming you will do special exercises to help prepare for the birth.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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RandeshaW (356.4 days ago)
26 weeks today 14 to go can u say tired already but can wait to meet my Prince I got my girl in boy can u say finish

RandeshaW (356.4 days ago)
26 weeks today 14 to go can u say tired already but can wait to meet my Prince

nytaia1 (487.7 days ago)
I`m 27 weeks pregnant and I love it

claire_w (522.4 days ago)
14 weeks to go.. so excited to meet my 2nd baby!!

Rika82 (533.2 days ago)
26 weeks exactly and London is kicking up a storm can`t wait to meet my rainbow baby

rosa viheba (552.7 days ago)
Only 93days to go ,my baby kick alot n wonder if it`s a boy,,,, happy mom

eunny (577.6 days ago)
Wow, its good to be here.

Eloiza (653.9 days ago)
I`m so scared I`m 26 weeks really tired belly pretty bigger than other ones .. Not only that baby won`t let USS see gender auchh

Shameeka (679.9 days ago)
@Jessieg - “@Shameeka - “I`m i...„
Thanks jessieg!!!, I`ve been to my doctor, he said it`s my hormones giving extra moisture and the pain is all the weight over gained........ I`ve never been this big. Prayers go UUP, Blessings COME DOWN

Jessieg (680.9 days ago)
@Shameeka - “I`m in pain, I got a...„
Oh no! Iknowthis was days ago... I hope you`re feeling much better! Yes hold on little one.... Its not time for you to be born! Hugs momma stay strong!

Shameeka (686.8 days ago)
I`m in pain, I got a bad reaction to mcDonald`s, had to take prednisone. My back is killing me..... Pray for me fellow followers..... I need to hold on, it`s tooooo early to give birth now. IN VERY SCARED

rachullz (694.6 days ago)
So excited to meet our little princess! 26+2

momtobeoftwo (699.6 days ago)
I`m finally 26 weeks along 14 more to go and I can`t wait

Solovely09 (765.1 days ago)
Can`t believe I have 97 days to go. I`m so ready to meet my little man.

sayoddy (808.1 days ago)
It`s my wedding anniversary today. To God be the glory. It`s 100 days countdown to the D-day
Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

leadionnee (851.7 days ago)
Cant wait to meet my baby girl

sweetmetalmomma (859.6 days ago)
26.6!! Hurry up January lol

MillerBaby2016 (876.1 days ago)
26 weeks and 1 day .... 13 weeks and 6 days to go!!! I can`t wait to meet my little guy. This is baby number 2 for me he has a big sister waiting to meet him. I have to go for my Glucose test this week hope all is good!!

laurita93 (910.6 days ago)
Yay finally 26 weeks nd yes the heart burn does suck

Scraggles86 (929.7 days ago)
Heartburn is awful

Scraggles86 (931.1 days ago)
Heartburn is awful

Miriamm (942.9 days ago)
@meekspirit00 - “@yessiep77 - “For ...„

babyHasan (975.1 days ago)
26 weeks 3 days ... We made it pass another mile stone. I cant wait to meet my baby boy a.k.a little flipper. He Is SO Active . Congratulations ladies.

Melissa77 (995.9 days ago)
26 weeks and seem like time is on the move.The Nesting instinct has definitely kicked in. My car stayed parked this whole weekend and i cleaned cleaned cleaned till midnight. Wow! I was wondering where all the energy came from suddenly... l
Happy Monday June 1st

Krysdissius (1012.4 days ago)
26 weeks and baby is doing great, he moves around alot and kicks extra hard here and there too. We are now working on the nursery can`t wait till its all finished :)

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