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Week 24 starts on day 168 and goes up to day 175.
It is your 25e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 32 centimeter / 12.6 inches
Weight of your baby: 560 gram / 1 lbs 4 ozs

The end of the second trimester is in sight now. You are nearly two thirds of the way through your pregnancy and have probably started counting the weeks away.

The baby is quite big and strong already and is now much easier to feel from the outside. Pregnancy is much more fun for the father now. If he gently rubs his hand over your bump he will feel the baby react, and the baby may also react to his voice.

The fetus is covered with fine, soft hair, called lanugo. His delicate skin is protected by a waxy film called as 'vernix.' This could still be on your baby's skin during birth but will soon be absorbed. It will usually still only be visible on premature or early babies. Babies born well after the 40th week are often completely 'clean'.

The baby's hearing is fully developed. He may respond to things going on around you, such as rows or hard noises. Your baby might not respond to external influences but will respond to your reaction. Try to avoid that kind of stress as much as possible, as it could make him or her very restless. You could notice a similar effect after birth, if your baby cries a lot, for instance.

Your baby has developed a pattern of sleeping and waking. This pattern need not necessarily be the same as yours. Often enough, in fact, it will be the exact opposite. While you are busy doing things, you rock the baby to sleep, as it were. Then, just as you finally sit down to relax or go to bed, the baby becomes highly active!

He will sleep for most of the time though, between 16 and 20 hours a day. The baby needs that much sleep to be able to grow as quickly as he does. Most of the vital organs are well developed by now; just the lungs are not fully functional yet. Inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid will help the lungs mature enough for the baby to survive outside the womb.

Your child's spine consists of about 150 joints and 1000 ligaments.

Up to now, the fetus has had very little fat and been very skinny. From this week on, fat will start to accumulate under the baby´s skin. This fat will enable your child to maintain the ideal body temperature after birth. That's why premature babies are often placed in an incubator until they have reached a weight (approx. 2500 grams) that will enable them to regulate their body temperature themselves.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Amanda Smith (178.8 days ago)
Lovely to see your having a boy hun xxx we also having a rainbow baby boy

Lyndsy lou (179.6 days ago)
24 weeks with my Rainbow baby!!! Baby boy is bouncing all over the place!!!

abellamy345 (237 days ago)
@Martinique - “You have the baby in...„
me to im 25 weeks and they told me october

abellamy345 (237 days ago)
My baby father put his homies before me and my child its like he dont even care...

Rika82 (533.2 days ago)
@Martinique - “My baby father hurt ...„
Hang in there sweetie it won`t be like this always

Martinique (543.8 days ago)
My baby father hurt me really bad throw this hole pregnant see for know reason at all and it not Fair at all but like they say what go around come around

Martinique (545.8 days ago)
@rika82 - “Cant wait til Dec so...„
you may have it in November it possible

Martinique (545.8 days ago)
You have the baby in November like me I am supposed to have my baby in December to I am 25,weeks today

rika82 (549.6 days ago)
Cant wait til Dec so I can finally meet my London

Nev (552.9 days ago)
@Malaysiah16 - “To God be the Glory....„

Nev (552.9 days ago)
Thank you Jesus for another step closer to my princess Nevaeh

Malaysiah16 (556.2 days ago)
To God be the Glory. We made this far, all thanks to our Lord savior.

babiluv3 (588 days ago)
We cannot wait to meet our sweet angel. She will make 3 girls

Mammabear04 (619.3 days ago)
I am having my first girl she is my fith baby so my last child!

Samantha17 (644.5 days ago)
24+3 weeks with princess #3 on the way! She`s so active & I love every minute of it 3D ultrasound scheduled for June 2nd

Ej85jackson (674.4 days ago)
24wks and 1 day only anther 111 days to go , got 3 girls and 1 boy already was realy hoping 4 a little boy but looks like my son is going to be the only boy bless

Lmalone (674.8 days ago)
@Lmalone - “I cant wait to see m...„

Lmalone (674.8 days ago)
I cant wait to see my little angel im so excited 24 weeks today tuj for blessing me!!!!!!

KaidenBarnes16 (685 days ago)
First let me say congrats to all the mommies who are waiting on their little bundle or bundles of joy to arrive!!! I am now 24wks and 3days. I am becoming a mommy 3rd time around and I`m just as excited as I was with my first and second. They all are such a joy and blessing. This is my miracle baby boy because I was told I could not have anymore but they were wrong. My angel is well, healthy, alive and letting us know every day mommy and daddy I`m here. We can`t wait until he arrives and introduce our little Kaiden Liam Barnes to the world and family. Again congrats to all you new mom`s and mom`s who are doing this again. Always a joy whether it`s your first or 10th... :)

Shameeka (697.9 days ago)
Found out I`m 24 weeks, not 22 wks. Man am I excited, I can`t wait, I have two toddler boys do I just went thru some things that can b reused, ready to go shopping for the NEW BUNDLE OF JOY........ JERMAINE JAHKEN...... MOMMY IS WAITING

Jayfive (699.9 days ago)
I can`t wait to meet my babygirl I just love feeling her kick an move:)

HIPPIEHOPE (768 days ago)
24 weeks abd four days!! God bless you little girl!!

Ashlarwillls (800.1 days ago)
24 weeks today and all I want is to hold my little girl!

sayoddy (821.2 days ago)
24 weeks. 113 days to go seems forever
Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

rosalie_jones (872.5 days ago)
I`m 24 weeks tomorrow and expecting twin boy & girl I can`t wait to meet my little ones times getting close I`m overly excited

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