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Week 23 starts on day 161 and goes up to day 168.
It is your 24e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 30.5 centimeter / 12 inches
Weight of your baby: 500 gram / 1 lbs 2 ozs

Your baby weighs around 500 grams. His body is growing faster than his head so by the end of this month, the proportions will be practically the same as for a newborn baby. The fingernails and toenails are fully formed.

Your baby will start breathing now too. Not breathing in air, of course, but amniotic fluid. He's practising what to do once he's been born.

His lungs are not fully functional yet.

You may notice a little yellowish fluid leaking from your breasts. This is colostrum, the first 'milk' your baby will drink after birth (if you intend to breastfeed). It is perfectly normal for this to happen now, but equally normal if you produce no colostrum until the baby is born. So there's no reason to worry either way.

Colostrum is full of antibodies and protects the baby from infection and disease. Compared with normal feed, colostrum has much higher levels of protein, vitamins and minerals and lower levels of fat and sugar. It stimulates the digestive system and is, in effect, a natural laxative ensuring that the baby's organs dispose of all the waste that has collected in its little body during pregnancy.

The colostrum will turn to milk after 3-5 days. The fluid will gradually become thinner and turn from yellowish to a bluish white. You will produce normal breast milk within about ten days of giving birth.

Many women develop anaemia around now. This is due to your body´s rapid growth and the extra blood you have to produce. This may result in low iron levels, which can make you feel weak, faint and even a little dizzy at times. Your iron level or Hb level (Haemoglobin) can be tested using a special device. All it takes is a single drop of blood from your finger. If your iron level is too low, you will be advised to eat more iron-rich foods. If this doesn't help raise your Hb level, then you could be prescribed iron tablets.

You may find you develop reddish stretch marks, so-called striae, on your abdomen, breasts, legs and/or bottom. They are harmless and caused by the skin stretching due to rapid growth. You can keep your skin supple with oil or a special cream but you cannot prevent striae. Whether or not you develop stretch marks depends on your skin. After your pregnancy they will fade to a pale pink or white, but will not disappear altogether.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (140.7 days ago)
@optimist - “yeah !!!!!! am 23 wk...„

optimist (145.5 days ago)
yeah !!!!!! am 23 wks cant wait to c my pumpkin baby boy

Lyndsy lou (188.1 days ago)
23 weeks with my sweet rainbow baby boy!!!

FirstBoyMommy4Girls (374.8 days ago)
Finally, I `look` pregnant!!! Can`t wait to meet our son. After 4 girls, it`s well deserved:)

chinwe (393.4 days ago)
I`m very sleepy these days. It`s become bothersome!

Junerose (453.1 days ago)
Thank God I`m 23 weeks....expecting my third baby boy in March

Nombuyiselo (639.3 days ago)
23 weeks tomorrow, can`t wait to meet my baby boy

JessieH (770 days ago)
Woohoo! 23 weeks! Can`t wait to meet my new little girl!

Blessingbaby (770.6 days ago)
I`m having this feeling that this baby that I`m carrying is a baby girl not a boy hmm... I`m glad to say that I`m 23wks preggo yey! congrats everyone!

sayoddy (827.8 days ago)
Had a ultrasound today and it dated 23weeks 4 days when i should be 22weeks 6 days. Apparently, there`s a new due date. Whichever it is, come March, I`m having my Baby Boy
Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

Campbell (853.5 days ago)
O my god is a girl !!!!!!!!!!!! 02-14-16 she will be here yessssssssssssssssss!!!!! 23 Weeks today

Priscy (869.9 days ago)
23 weeks today.. Am super excited.

Tavonliss_ (894.8 days ago)
23 weeks ;

MillerBaby2016 (897.2 days ago)
23 weeks today ,17 more weeks to go!! Can`t wait to meet my little guy. He has a big sister waiting to meet him.

cwatson (904.7 days ago)
I`m 23 weeks I`m having a reveal/baby shower in November can`t wait to find out what the sex of my baby is

Sahitya (925.8 days ago)

Sahitya (925.8 days ago)
Having a boy

kellwhip (937 days ago)
23 weeks 2day, soooo cant wait 2 meet my baby boy he is now on the go most of the day which maks me so happy. Life is pretty perfect at the mo Xx

landra125 (943.5 days ago)
just found out today im having a boy <3

Belgica1 (949.9 days ago)
23 weeks ??

Belgica1 (953.8 days ago)
23 weeks ??

medwards38 (970.7 days ago)
23 weeks today, although my doctor keeps changing around the due date. Glad I`m feeling her move most of the day. She`s already a bruiser!

chanise (979.2 days ago)
23 weeks today in less than 4minutes

sheena01 (980.5 days ago)
Yay 23 weeks

mamalicious (985.5 days ago)
@beautifulblessings - “23wks! ...„
23wks yay! Still not sure of the sex because baby always sleeps on his stomach. I`m praying for a boy

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