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Week 21 starts on day 147 and goes up to day 154.
It is your 22e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 27 centimeter / 10.6 inches
Weight of your baby: 380 gram / 13.4 ozs

There is little change compared to last week. Most of the baby's growth now is weight gain.

He might be over the halfway mark in terms of length but he still needs to put on nearly ten times his present weight! From now on, your baby will gain around 60 grams a week. You will put on around 500 grams a week. That´s perfectly normal.

Your uterus comes up to your navel now and growing at quite a rate. Your bump seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.

With your uterus growing so quickly, you could find you get round ligament pains. These feel like a stitch or shooting pain in the side of your uterus. You're likely to find this happens more when you've been too busy. The only remedy is to lie down and rest.

The baby's skin is no longer transparent. White blood cells are developing, which are vital to your baby's immunity against disease and infection. The tongue and organ of balance are fully developed. The baby will start pulling faces to exercise his facial muscles.

A baby girl´s internal reproductive organs are now fully developed. Her ovaries contain millions of eggs. She will lose a lot of them before birth, when she will still have around 500,000.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Lyndsy lou (199.6 days ago)
21 weeks with my bouncing baby boy who is a rainbow!!! So very blessed!

Nakandy (273.3 days ago)
21 weeks today with my second baby.. 1st boy.. I`m enjoying it!

BabyJaiel (288.5 days ago)
Having my second son was hoping for a girl but im happy my son is excited to have a baby brother.

gabrielleparra (290.1 days ago)
Im Having My Second Boy!!!!? 4Th Pregnancy!!
Due Sept 12th..21 weeks

10yrsLa8r2ndBabyBump (419.4 days ago)
@shatoine - “Finally pregnant wit...„
Congratulations... I pray u had a safe delivery.

Quinnsmom4 (552.3 days ago)
@Zy - “Hi I`m new to this s...„
Yes I had it with my first and now have it with my third but by the ultrasound you get by 32 weeks to see if it has moved mine will be hoping that happens for this one too.

Zy (553.1 days ago)
Hi I`m new to this site but I`m 20 wks n 6 days I was just diagnosed with placenta previa anyone else had that

Lmsuncar (560 days ago)
I am having a girl!

Martinique (562.9 days ago)
This is girl season for real

Martinique (562.9 days ago)
@MillerBaby2016 - “21weeks and 1 day!! ...„
: i am the same I am so happy this is my second girl

wabbitworld (565.8 days ago)
Not true about not being able to do anything for round ligament pain. Taking Magnesium and Potassium supplements has basically eliminated my round ligament pain; I eat plenty of dairy so calcium is not an issue for me, but that would be another one that could cause the cramping. Prenatal vitamins have NO Magnesium in them; it inhibits iron absorption. So most women never realize they are lacking in it or need it. Crazy! Just make sure you don`t take it WITH your prenatals; take in the evening instead or something.

shatoine (570.6 days ago)
Finally pregnant with my baby girl after 6 sons. Due December 3rd 2016!!!

Malaysiah16 (571.4 days ago)
21 wks 3days. We`re having a baby Girl!!! So far everything is good #toGodbetheglory.

Bolt (689.3 days ago)
@sayoddy - “Today would have bee...„
Bless you I lost one two a long time ago it`s so hard xxx

DianeMH (728.1 days ago)
21 weeks today. I`m so excited. My little girl moves around alot. It`s funny whenever my husband touches my stomach she will kick and move away from him. Just hoping i carry her all the way. These are the dangerous months for me. At 7 months i have miscarriages

Lisamarie1414 (735.2 days ago)
21 weeks 1 day I`m so happy with my princess she moves a lot brothers and sister can`t wait to meet you my baby princess

Tara88 (772 days ago)
So far so good....we made it this far yaaaay too us

Sweet tooth34 (791.1 days ago)
Omg this lil girl moves around so much I`m wondering when does she sleep

dabba13 (818.5 days ago)
Yay 21 weeks thank you lord!! My baby is moving around like she has a sugar rush!

sayoddy (838.5 days ago)
Today would have been my due date if I didn`t lose the pregnancy at 12weeks but hey, have to wait 19 more weeks which I call extra time. I`ve experience pregnancy symptoms since January and will take it to march next year. My body needs a standing ovation and I appreciate her, will treat my body to first class once I deliver
Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

my3heartbeats (854.2 days ago)
21 weeks today! Only 19 left to go! Can`t wait to kiss on my lil man!

Octivia (867.9 days ago)

randesha (885.6 days ago)
21 weeks in 3 days yayyyy my first baby and he or she stubborn so dnt kno wat im having yet but cant wait to find out on the 22 of sep 2015 hopefully

natashabarber (903.6 days ago)
21 weeks 3 day. It`s a girl. I`m so excited to have a little one again. I think my husband is more excited since this will be his first born.

MillerBaby2016 (908.2 days ago)
21weeks and 1 day!! It`s a boy!!! I`m so excited!!! He has a big Sister waiting to meet him!!!

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