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Getting pregnant
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Week 2 starts on day 14 and goes up to day 21.
It is your 3e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 0 millimeter / 0 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

This week begins your `real` pregnancy. The release of your egg is counted as day 14 and fertilization occurs either on that day or over the next 48 hours.


When they are born, baby girls have enough egg cells to last their whole life. In males however, sperm cells by the million are created on a daily basis and take approximately 61 days to mature. A mature sperm has a round head, a middle section and a long tail which they use to swim forwards. The head of the sperm contains the genetic material of the donor. One sperm cell lives for 48 hours and can travel at a speed of 4mm per minute.

Ovulation and fertilization

At the time of ovulation the cervix becomes softer and wider and the mucus becomes thinner, more elastic and less acidic, allowing the sperm cells to pass through more easily. At the time of ejaculation two hundred million sperm are released. They swim through the uterus to the fallopian tubes where they wait for ovulation to occur.

The mature egg cell (follicle) is the size of a cherry and `jumps` from the ovaries when ovulation begins. There are some women who claim to feel when ovulation begins. They say they experience a pain in the left or right of their abdomen. This is known as ovulation or central pain. It is possible on ovulation weeks you may have more vaginal discharge than normal.

The eggs cannot move on their own and are helped by tiny hairs on the inside on the fallopian tubes known as ciliae. The ciliae create waves in the direction of the uterus and the follicle travels along these tiny hairs. Because only one egg is released from one side at a time, only some of the sperm will find themselves at the correct place when an egg is released. There are also millions of sperm which never make it to through the uterus because they are defective or just poor swimmers. Only a few hundred will make the journey to the fallopian tubes. Once they egg arrives they will push with their heads to permeate the membrane into the egg cell. Only one sperm will be successful and once his head is inside, his tail will break off and the membrane will close making it impossible for any more sperm cells to enter. At this point the genetic characteristics of both egg and sperm merge and the sex will be determined.

If the sperm contains the X chromosome then the baby will be a girl, a Y and it will be a boy who grows in your womb.

It may be of interest to know that sperm containing the Y chromosome (the male) are generally the fastest swimmers but those with the X chromosome (the female) are bigger and likely to live longer. It has been suggested that if you have intercourse three or more days before ovulation and become pregnant then there is a higher chance that the baby will be a girl. This is because the sperm containing the X chromosome is more likely to survive long enough to wait for the egg to be released while those containing the Y chromosome are less likely to survive that length of time. However, if you have intercourse on or around the exact moment of ovulation then there is more chance the sperm containing the Y chromosome, being the fastest swimmers will reach the egg first resulting in your baby being a boy.

In the case of identical twins only one egg is fertilised but the egg splits into two embryos which both develop and grow into babies. Identical twins occur purely by chance and there is no evidence to suggest this is hereditary. Fraternal twins however occur when two eggs are released at the same time and both are fertilised. Having fraternal twins, unlike identical twins is hereditary and passed most commonly through the female side of the family. Fraternal twins can be either sex and their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)will be different, while identical twins are always two boys or two girls and they share the same genetic information.

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19 comments on this topic

annadelara (106.1 days ago)
Can you find out two days after sex with a blood test If pregnant

Hadeacha19 (477.8 days ago)
That`s exactly how I felt I thought I was ovulating but found out I was preggo two days later. The pain on one side then the other then both was intense. If it`s on and off u might b preggo! @meandmines @freed12

meandmines (676.4 days ago)
@freed12 - “I`m ovulating and my...„
I had sharp pain at the bottom of my stomach on the left side and then I started having a clear discharge and me and my dude messed around he has been tired I have been eating a lot and still wanting more and then I would start feeling nauseous im gaining weight,spreading i feel like I could be pregnant my dude wants me to be pregnant.I could very much so use any advice

freed12 (709 days ago)
I`m ovulating and my hip is aching plus I had intercourse recently I hope we preggo!!!

Myomak (713.4 days ago)
I had a feeling I was a pregnant.. I started feeling very bloated for a few days, then like cramping ( like my periods are about to start) then suddenly I get lke reallly hungry like I did with my first child.

Akilah (725.8 days ago)
I just found out today that I am pregnant two to three weeks

pinkmoongoddess (737.7 days ago)
Those of you saying you`re two weeks pregnant-you are actually 6 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy considers the first 4 weeks from period to ovulation to next men`s trail due date (when you test) as weeks 1-4. You are two weeks from CONCEPTION. You are considered 6 weeks along. If you were in week 2, you`d be ovulating not pregnant yet.

Bb2016 (750.1 days ago)
Have 2 mature follicles seen in US..I giggled when I found out and I saw it on the US screen :). Hope it goes well. well wishes and prayers prayers are needed. If God willing, this month would be awesome!

Bb2016 (750.1 days ago)
First time here. LMP was 1/ I guess I`m on my 2 week NOw :D since on my 14th day cycle?, I`m so anxious for this trying. Hoping this is the month to have a healthy ` bean` :) Good luck everyone!

Unsure (856 days ago)
Hi it is me again oky well my periodes stated on 31 of last month and ended on the 6th. Of this month and 2 days ago I found some liht pink discharge with minor. Cramping after I finished urinating but had Sex every day. After my periodes was done please help

Heatherloveme (941.6 days ago)
im 2 weeks and 4 days......waiting and hoping

chellied (972.4 days ago)
I had sex on 20th June was suppist to come in 2 days later and havnt came on I need some help
This is saying im 17days/2 weeks

chellied (972.4 days ago)
Im lost this is saying im 17 weeks/ 2 weeks but im not :/

lovebaby (992.7 days ago)
@aprilv - “My cycle stated may ...„
Same thing

lovebaby (992.7 days ago)
Im a mom of 3 and its been alongtime since I been PREGNANT I hv alot of questins :-) :-)

aprilv (1010.5 days ago)
My cycle stated may 4 had sex on that night very bloodily and very very bad cramp but not as red. After that cycle changed it was kind of pinkish/ brown spotting. I had sex again may 15 way less blood slight pink or brown in color. I`m confused becuz this has never happen to me b4

Davonte babymomma (1021.1 days ago)
I am having the same experience @ mommygomez13 ... This b my 3rd as well and my menstral cycle all messed up .. A baby is a blessing as they are a miracle ... wishing everyone the best

TiffaniPreggerzSmith (1065.9 days ago)
I`m only 2 weeks pregnant with my 2nd bean. Wishing all mummy`s to be good luck on this incredible experience and journey.

T-bop (1189.2 days ago)
I had sex on my period but I was on it a day and by end of week I been feeling nausea and food cravings now it`s been 2 weeks and 3 days I feel cramping, About the ending of week i took a pregnacy test it came out negative. I went to the doctors yesterday and they took blood test I don`t get the results until tomorrow. But the doctor said I`m ovulating that`s what`s causing the cramps but what`s making me nausea and craving and also out of breath fast. I need some one to tell me this my first experience .

MommyGomez13 (1567.8 days ago)
I`m apparently only 2 weeks pregnant but haven`t had my menstrual cycle in about 2 months.Go figure.. but either way I feel blessed to be pregnant with my 3rd since I was told it will be extremly difficult to concive another child....

Which pregnancy week am I?

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