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Week 17 starts on day 119 and goes up to day 126.
It is your 18e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 18 centimeter / 7.1 inches
Weight of your baby: 150 gram / 5.3 ozs

Because the HCg in your body has been replaced by progesterone you may, this week, start to notice many of the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting starting to ease off and even disappear completely. However, there are other things such a pelvic instability which can begin to arise around this time.

Any anxiety you are feeling should begin to ease off now as you become more accustomed to the changes taking place in your body.

Your baby may now begin to notice noises from outside the womb even if they are not very loud. Loud noises can however irritate your baby and make them restless.

Your baby is now able to move his head, mouth, lips, arms, fists, hands, legs, feet and toes and will continually do so to exercise and practice for life outside your womb.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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kimberly1032 (7.6 days ago)
@thobile myeza - “this is my 18th week...„
It`s harder to tell when the baby is moving when it`s your first. Don`t worry :)

kimberly1032 (7.6 days ago)
17 weeks today!!! cctown- it`s not too early. I`ve been feeling my baby for at least a week now and this is my third pregnancy too.

cctown (12.3 days ago)
@thobile myeza - “this is my 18th week...„
Hello thobile myeza - I am 17 weeks and 1 day, I have just started feeling something that may be the baby but it is very faint. This is my 3rd pregnancy and my Dr. told me today it is still too early to really feel anything. It was longer for me with my first two - that is totally normal :)

KEZCY (19.4 days ago)
MY baby is so attractive for seventeen weeks it`s crazy if I lay on my back you can see the movement it`s so amazing

thobile myeza (22.2 days ago)
this is my 18th week and i havent feel anything in my bump#sad# cant wait for any longer for that and this is my 1st kid guys is this normal?

Whitneylovesherkids (50.9 days ago)
I am 17 weeks 4 days. Have to wait till august 10 for the ultrasound... Im running out of patients knowing the sex of our baby eeeek so excited

khushi14 (69.1 days ago)
I am 17 weeks 4 days today. Cannot wait to feel my baby moves.

bblanx89 (76.7 days ago)
Im 17weeks 2day im having a girl and I feel her beautiful kicka and movements I love it and im in love with this butterflys inside my heart and bellycant wait to meet my little princesse ????

cpelove2013 (82.4 days ago)
17 weeks and 6 days and I felt my first kicks yesterday it was amazing #bby#4

fozi (96.7 days ago)
yeses 17 weeks today feeling kicks and I am falling in love WITH MY LIL ONE

alishab1229 (104.7 days ago)
17 wks and 1 day. Ive been feeling little kicks for about a #3

Tash3 (104.8 days ago)
17 weeks today we already have two girls, found out on Monday that we are having a baby boy so excited. Then the Dr told me that from the cervical length ultrasound that my cervix start to open just a little not happy about that. I have a ultrasound schedule every week until I`m 26wks to make sure everything is going ok. I`m pRAYING TO GOD THAT EVERYTHING GOES OK AND THAT WE WILL HAVE A HEALTHY BABY BOY!

riyaksb (105.9 days ago)
I am 17 weeks today, feeling great and waiting for baby kick I don`t know what is it feel like??

arhodes (121 days ago)
@Brtnstaggers - “17wks 1day waiting f...„
Me to

Tarsha405 (123.4 days ago)
17 weeks as of yesterday!!! We find out tomorrow the gender of our little miracle!!!!

Brtnstaggers (137.6 days ago)
17wks 1day waiting for the kicks to happen

babyphattek (144.5 days ago)
@calistar - “Im 17 weeks today. C...„
Hi Calistar how are you feeling today?

najoojy622 (145.3 days ago)
I will be 18 weeks sat! Ultrasound is next month! Cant wait! I already found out its a girl!!!!

calistar (145.4 days ago)
Im 17 weeks today. Cant wait till next week to find out the gender.....

babyphattek (146.6 days ago)
17 weeks today yayy woke up not feeling the best but starting to feel a little better. I`m so ready for these weeks to come past.

tre76 (147.6 days ago)
17 +4 just one more week until the big ultrasound! Can`t wait to see if boy or girl

mela (151.1 days ago)
Baby #3 is a BOY!
Super Duper excited!!!

SARITA25092014 (156.8 days ago)

tripplewealth (165.4 days ago)
Thank u lord for the journey so far....only u alone can be growing`s 17wks

ChoclateMommie (168.4 days ago)
so excited

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