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Week 17 starts on day 119 and goes up to day 126.
It is your 18e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 18 centimeter / 7.1 inches
Weight of your baby: 150 gram / 5.3 ozs

Because the HCg in your body has been replaced by progesterone you may, this week, start to notice many of the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting starting to ease off and even disappear completely. However, there are other things such a pelvic instability which can begin to arise around this time.

Any anxiety you are feeling should begin to ease off now as you become more accustomed to the changes taking place in your body.

Your baby may now begin to notice noises from outside the womb even if they are not very loud. Loud noises can however irritate your baby and make them restless.

Your baby is now able to move his head, mouth, lips, arms, fists, hands, legs, feet and toes and will continually do so to exercise and practice for life outside your womb.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Mikababy (12.8 hours ago)
@Tashu84 - “17 weeks today and w...„
Have you tried the baken soda test

Tashu84 (23.7 days ago)
17 weeks today and we will find out the sex in 3 weeks. I THINK this baby will be another boy so I`ll have 3 but hubby has his fingers, toes and anything else he can cross, for a girl. :)

Ruby04 (33.6 days ago)
I already found out at 15 weeks on the gender. We have 2 girls and 1 boy and hoping this 4th baby will be a boy and we got what we wanted. My son is 4 turning 5 and he is overly happy with tons of joy. He kisses my belly, rubs my belly and tell baby he loves him. We are so blessed, now we have an equal amount of children and could not ask for more.

janisha (53.6 days ago)
I hope I find out what im having on the 19th

dainty83 (59.7 days ago)
we find out wha6t we our having on the 26th april
i have a boy n girl already so we r blessed

dainty83 (59.7 days ago)

timm (79.4 days ago)
17 weeks n 4 days. 3 more weeks i find out what im having

timm (79.5 days ago)
17 weeks n 4 days. 3 more weeks i find out what im having

madiix (83.9 days ago)
17 weeks 4 days !!!

sdc86 (92.9 days ago)
16 weeks and 5 days..I find out what I`m having in 2 weeks, I`m praying for a girl because I have 2 boys and the father has 1 boy but either way this will be my last pregnancy because I`m getting my tubes tied...this pregnancy has been very different from my previous 2!

seun_akeju (106.7 days ago)
@AubreyMichelle - “This is my first bab...„

Shameeka (107 days ago)

cwebb0 (112.2 days ago)
I am 17 weeks, and 4 days today! This will be my fourth child, and we are very excited! We have two girls, and a son who is two. In a little less than two weeks we find out the gender. My husband, and I are hoping for a boy BC this will be his first biological son,and we want them to be close together like the girls. To the person making negative comments about us women with multiple children, and that we are insane, and must be wealthy. This blog is for pregnant women to share, and offer support to one another.

DianeMH (125.2 days ago)
I`m 17 weeks and 1 day today. I am so happy. I found out I`m having a girl. Now im just crossing my fingers that everything goes good with this baby. This is my 9th pregnancy and I have 2 sons. These are the hard times for me cuz I tend to loose babies anywhere from about 6-7 months til my due date. Praying everyday that this baby will be ok. Am done after this one

Latasha81 (148.1 days ago)
@Latasha81 - “17 weeks and 1 day t...„

Latasha81 (148.1 days ago)
17 weeks and 1 day today!!

Kolorado (164.3 days ago)
Does anyone else have spotting during there 17th week?!?! Im really worried about it. No cramps or pain just a little blood

JessieH (166.1 days ago)
Wow, all you ladies that are on their 4th, 5th, and 6th kids must be MILLIONAIRES! And completely insane...

kim weaver (203.7 days ago)
17 weeks 2 days. Ultrasound in 3 days. Crossing my fingers that baby doesn`t cross legs. 4th child. So far all girls.

Ashanthi (218.5 days ago)
17 weeks completed..

sayoddy (236.3 days ago)
17 weeks gone. 3 more weeks to know gender
Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

rachel1503 (267.3 days ago)
Woohoo lm having a girl I`m 17 weeks & 5 days this s number 6 and lm done. I will be 41 when this baby is born and boy am l really feeling it this time around. Anyone besides me tired all the time?

brookecroy (269.9 days ago)
Im 17th week This is my 5 baby i have two living kids had ultrasound today baby was butt up head down could see the sex yet everythings looks good !!!:) very excited hopefully at next ultrasound baby let us see if its a boy or girl

leadionnee (285.1 days ago)
17 weeks today cant wait to check on my baby at the doctors today

MillerBaby2016 (306.3 days ago)
17 weeks today!!! I`m getting so excited!! This is baby number 2 for me!!

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