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Getting pregnant
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Week 16 starts on day 112 and goes up to day 119.
It is your 17e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 15 centimeter / 5.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 120 gram / 4.2 ozs

From this period on your baby will be able to distinguish between dark and light and although his eyes are still closed, like you he can tell the difference from night and day.

Urinary Infections

During the time of your pregnancy you are more likely to develop cystitis as your growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder making you feel the need to urinate more frequently. It is more likely that urine is left in your bladder making it susceptible to the germs and bacteria which cause inflammation. Additional sources of infection are the increased amounts of nutrients now present in your urine.

Progesterone replaces hCG

Starting this week the pregnancy hormones (hCG) will steadily be replaced by progesterone which can make your body weaker and your bowels sleepy. This can result in harder stools and constipation due to an accumulation of matter which the bowels take longer to process and excrete. It is important to maintain a healthy and varied diet with plenty of fiber to ensure this doesn't lead to the development of hemorrhoids.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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molly23 (224.5 days ago)
oh i am three month pregnant and there are a lot of problems with my pregnancy and as we all know 3 3 months pregnant women start to glow. The hormonal changes are in a full swing and now the woman produces the female hormones in double – it’s hard to hide the sparkling eyes, shiny skin, and the growing bump. But there are still things to discuss.

Lyndsy lou (237.3 days ago)
So excited to be 16 weeks!!! Little over a week and I should be able too find out if baby is a boy or girl!!!

Amanda Smith (239.2 days ago)
@aztlandreams - “I am now 16 weeks 1 ...„
Congratulations.. my eldest was 20 last week I have a almost 3 year old haha and this one on the way xx are you excited

aztlandreams (352.8 days ago)
I am now 16 weeks 1 day as of today (03/06/17). Have my first ultra sound this upcoming Thursday! Excited. Had just found out last week I was pregnant. Had not nauseous or vomiting symptoms. Sensitive breast and backache, but thought sensitivity was due to my period about to start. We are happy. My 2nd child after 22 years WOW.

Mammabear04 (590.2 days ago)
@Martinique - “@Mammabear04 - “@j...„
I am having a girl about time I have 4 boys this is it tho I am done making babys lol

rika82 (594.2 days ago)
@borngreat - “@rika82 - “@Martin...„
Thanks same to you

borngreat (598.3 days ago)
@rika82 - “@Martinique - “@ri...„
Hey Rika82. Congrats to you on 16weeks too

borngreat (598.3 days ago)
Exactly 16 weeks today. Going for US tomorrow. Hoping to get the sex hahaha. Can`t wait

rika82 (599 days ago)
@Martinique - “@rika82 - “Exactly...„
Have to wait until July 28th baby was too small to tell

Martinique (600.2 days ago)
@rika82 - “Exactly 16 weeks wil...„
I am 16weeks I hope to find out what the baby is too

Martinique (600.2 days ago)
@Mammabear04 - “@janisha - “I`m 16...„
I am to all ready have 4boys1girl

rika82 (603.2 days ago)
Exactly 16 weeks will have an ultrasound done tomorrow hopefully they can tell the gender

MaliCarro (603.7 days ago)
I am 16 weeks and 5 days! It`s so exciting!

new mum (636.8 days ago)
I am 17 weeks and I have just found out I am having twins
this is my first pregnancy.

courtneymatcek (663.2 days ago)

jaqalack (671.9 days ago)
I`m 16 weeks and 4 days, first time mother. I find out the gender on May 1st I`m so excited. I also have almost no symptoms never have I had morning sickness, but at the beginning any dairy makes me sick but now I can`t go a day without at least two glasses of milk. I`m also always tired. I`m 16 but will be 17 in August two months before my due date in October. I`m pretty scared but excited. and trust me school and my baby are my #1 priorities.

Mammabear04 (677.8 days ago)
@janisha - “I`m 16 weeks and 4 d...„
Congratulations I am about to becom a 5th time mom

Mammabear04 (677.8 days ago)
They make it soud so great and fun don`t they:worried

janisha (686.4 days ago)
I`m 16 weeks and 4 days.. don`t know what I`m having but I can say I`m very excited for this is my first just cant help but wonder what I`m having.. boy or girl lol p.s
frist time mother

Danish (686.5 days ago)
16 weeks today.. Expecting a girl :)

DeeNice (700.1 days ago)
Just found out I`m having a boy yay!! After 2 girls... 3rd times the charm :)

Rubi (701.2 days ago)
I find out what I`m having next week march 31st 2016 no symptoms just tired thank goodness this will be my 3rd child and I am afraid and praying for a boy since I have two lovely ladies back home.

ieshafall (740.3 days ago)
Almost 17 weeks and I`m excited. My third and my husband first. He wants me to be cautious at all times. I stay in the doctor office because I`m scared as usual. I`m over protective of my already two boys but now I am having a girl. I just keepnoraying and leave it up to God. I got married 4 months ago and our baby came from love. This is our last one. Very different pregnancy as well. God got this. I pray for all the moms a healthy bundle of joy.

wife29 (755.7 days ago)
I`m 16 weeks how can you tell if i`m having a girl or a boy i`m caring in the middle and also this is my 4th child i haven`t felt any kicking but also i haven`t had an ultersound either

Rainbow-babyMay (807.8 days ago)
Oops! accidentally hit post! We found out 2 weeks ago through a blood test.. I would have to wait until my anatomy u/s 12-30 if we didn`t. And the anticipation would be making me crazy, so I sympathize with all of you!! I have a boy who`s 8.. Very excited to have a girl this time. I knew she was a girl though bc she felt lighter & so peaceful.. I have a Doppler to check the HR at home. It really gives me peace of mind after 2 MC`s.. Plus I`m a nurse, so it`s good for me to practice my skills :) I thank God everyday for this blessing & pray she is born healthy!!! So far, everything looks great & all genetic screenings came back negative. Good luck to everyone!

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