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Week 15 starts on day 105 and goes up to day 112.
It is your 16e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 11 centimeter / 4.3 inches
Weight of your baby: 90 gram / 3.2 ozs

Your baby's head is now the size of a marble and his hands like little peas. His muscles are becoming stronger as he treads water in his amniotic fluid. Occasionally he may get hiccups from swallowing the amniotic fluid which may fill his tiny stomach. This means he is not only swallowing but practicing breathing and even sucking. This swallowing and moving of his upper lips is in practice for feeding when he is born.

You will perhaps by now gained on average 2 to 4.5 pounds although the fetus is still only 11 inches and less than 100 grams. The extra comes from the increased size of your womb and the amniotic fluid.

If you have had previous pregnancies there is a small chance that you will recognize and feel movement but in most cases it takes a few weeks longer before you will notice this.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Mrshamptonmrshampton (73.8 days ago)
@Essierae - “Week 15 and stil so ...„
I have the exact same problems....will this ever end

Zoey4914 (87.5 days ago)
So this me but I have 3 babies

Amanda Smith (239.2 days ago)
@Lyndsy lou - “15 weeks with my Rai...„
Hi lyndsy lou, sorry it`s taken me ages to reply xx
I`m due the 14th Dec . Can`t believe I`m week 16 tomo ita going very quickly.. my next scan is the 2nd August so I`ll jo fully be able to see what we`re having I saw you had a little girl is she looking forward to being a big sister?? My little girl is 3 august she asks most days is your baby still in your belly xx

Lyndsy lou (244.4 days ago)
15 weeks with my Rainbow

Essierae (323.2 days ago)
Week 15 and stil so nauseous and pukey! Lost weight now going back to normal, hope this and excess saliva eases soon. Its tough!

aztlandreams (345.9 days ago)
@Linamikhamis - “@aztlandreams - “J...„
Thanks!!! Had my ultrasound this Thursday and found out they miscalculated because they went off my last period 11/13/16. I am actually only 6 weeks along.

Linamikhamis (348.5 days ago)
@aztlandreams - “Just found out yeste...„
congratulations its so cool.

Linamikhamis (348.5 days ago)
It`s my 3rd pregnancy but my second baby. I lost the 1st. My second was a beatiful baby girl now 5 years old and now im 15 weeks 5 days pregnant with my baby boy. Every time i get a feeling about the baby`s sex and it turned out to be true. Good luck to all the mothers to be. Be safe and God bless.

aztlandreams (357 days ago)
Just found out yesterday, that I am 15 weeks 3 days with my 2nd baby. I am over the moon. First baby is going to turn 22 yrs. old next month. I thought I could never get pregnant again. I prayed and prayed about it. I am beside myself. Husband is ecstatic!

Primas12 (405.8 days ago)
This is my 5th baby and Will be my last

gmdkok99 (406.6 days ago)
This will be my third as our second was a baby boy who we lost in 2008.Our daughter and son was from my husband he passed away a few year ago.My daughter is 17.

sabrinaH (486 days ago)
@sabrinaH - “merci...„

sabrinaH (487.9 days ago)

Abigurl (522.6 days ago)
Hi, am 15 weeks and 4 days today with my 3rd baby and 3rd c section. Am so happy and scared because am over weight and this might be my last pregnancy. Due date is March 7 2017.:

Amandah (592.7 days ago)
@Ms hunt - “@shameeka - “I`m i...„

jessann522 (595.1 days ago)
@ericacoons30 - “I am 15 weeks 4 days...„
I would go with the new due date if you measured 5 days further, the lmp is just used as an estimation date to when you may have conceived, if it were me id go with how far I`m measured to be, but its entirely up to you. both of my children were born a week before their due dates so there is no 100% date..its all up to the baby when they are ready lol hope this helps

ericacoons30 (595.5 days ago)
I am 15 weeks 4 days. I`m pretty sure the first day of my LMP was March 19th,2016 which puts my due date at December 24th,2016, but I had an ultrasound at almost 12 weeks and I measured 5 days further. Now that puts me at December 19th for my due date. The doc said as long as its a week or less on lmp and ultra sound date then they leave it at lmp date. When would I have conceived then?? I`m pretty sure my periods were always around 28 days apart. Pls help. This is driving me crazy

amanda83105 (595.6 days ago)
15 weeks tomorrow!! Have a 6 year old son, found out last weekend its a girl! I couldn`t be more excited!:)

jessann522 (598.2 days ago)
@claire_w - “15 weeks today, due ...„
i am also 15 weeks today due on christmas day! my oldest who is now 8 was born on christmas day in 2007 and now baby #3 is due the same day!

claire_w (598.9 days ago)
15 weeks today, due Christmas day! can not wait to meet baby number 2!!

Brown21 (602.2 days ago)
@ashm - “Hello ladies.... Im ...„
Same boat here , a daughter 15 and a 11 year old. Thinking this might be a little boy

Martinique (607.1 days ago)
Will I am 15week and 1 day

Chescat90 (646 days ago)
15 weeks +4, feel like i`m 30 weeks. exhausted even more so than previous pregnancies. have a toddler but she`s not the cause. feel like it might be multiples...idk

FionaJ (655.2 days ago)
@myname78 - “This says the baby i...„ 15 weeks and mines 3 inches. Info isn`t correct

Ms hunt (678 days ago)
I`m new here and so happy to carry my last one I hope it goes by fast and blessed and thankful every week and I pray for all of you guys

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