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Getting pregnant
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Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98.
It is your 14e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 gram / 1.1 ozs

You are now in the second quarter of your pregnancy and if you are suffering from any of the pregnancy related symptoms these should begin to decrease now and you should start to feel better and have more energy.

This is the week when most women choose to tell the rest of the world about their pregnancy because the chances of miscarriage are now greatly reduced although many women choose to tell immediately after they have the results of their pregnancy test.

It is wise to tell your employer that you are pregnant early on in order that they can seek a replacement or a temporary worker to fill your position once you have gone on maternity leave. It may also be the case that some of your work related activities have to be changed if for example you are involved in any heavy lifting duties which are not advised during pregnancy. Legally you are only obliged to inform your employer 3 months before your expected delivery date although it is generally impossible to keep your secret that long because of the increased size of your tummy.

Your uterus is now almost as big as a fist and the top of your uterus (fundus) is now at the same height as your pubic bone (symphysis). The midwife will regularly measure the distance from the fundus to the symphysis (fundal height) and record this on your visit card in centimeters.

The baby now has good space to move around as the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb is increasing. Occasionally he may take a sip of this and this will train his swallowing reflexes. The placenta ensures that this fluid is constantly refreshed and repleted because your baby will already pee in it. This is a good sign that his kidneys are now functioning properly.

Although all your baby's teeth are shaped and formed they are still hiding in the gums and will only come through a few months after birth.

The baby and the placenta now weight approximately 30 grams.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Polina44 (84.1 days ago)
Hello. Sister At the 13 weeks of pregnancy, what can you say, what kind of symptoms do you expect?

Taniantisdale (90.6 days ago)
I`m 13 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and the only symptoms I`ve had are extreme fatigue and sore breasts. I have known i was pregnant since about 4-5 weeks but i still don`t feel pregnant. I lost my father 4 months ago and the emotional impact this has had on me is making me feel no connection to my pregnancy at all. The thought that he will never hold this grandchild and I`ll never have photos of him holding it consume my thoughts

Spencerzwifey (175.8 days ago)
13 weeks today, Greatful to be out of the 1st Trimester.

Lyndsy lou (255.5 days ago)
So happy to be in the second trimester with my Rainbow baby! I`ve been getting bad migraines but other than that it`s been a good pregnancy. :

ponna chanti (357.4 days ago)
i feel happy good culuclateing

Riva (523.4 days ago)
@weshah - “Is week 13 in third ...„
Wondering the same thing is week 13 in third month or fourth month pregnant?

luckygirl (603.5 days ago)
@KaNeisha15 - “@weshah - “Is week...„
The 13th week is not in the third Trimester.
The 13th weeks starts the Second Trimester which is starting the 4th Month.

KaNeisha15 (621.3 days ago)
@weshah - “Is week 13 in third ...„
It`s the third month

weshah (634.8 days ago)
Is week 13 in third month or in fourth month?

weshah (634.8 days ago)
Is week 13 in third month or in fourth month?

Cynt83 (684.2 days ago)
I`m 13 weeks and still having morning sickness

Mammabear04 (690.4 days ago)
@shameeka - “@ashleydenise87 - ??...„
There is a blood test you can get to tell the gender. But you can`t otherwise know till 20 ultrasound.

MrsWoke (708.7 days ago)
Thanks Lord for your faithfulness.

kendra_ (737.6 days ago)
13weeks and5days today

Haberby (745.8 days ago)

ashleyandadan (756.1 days ago)
I`m 13 weeks and don`t know the gender of my first baby I`m hoping its a girl but all of my family members tell me I`m having a boy I can`t wait to find out

shameeka (763.4 days ago)
13 weeks today, I get nervous if the baby didn`t kick me..... But I know GOD!!! ALL IS IN FAITH.... I HOPE IT`S A GIRL.... I`M LOOKING TO DO SOME HAIR, BY SOME DRESSES

shameeka (763.4 days ago)
@ashleydenise87 - “We are 13w 3d and so...„
That question was actually for you!!!. How did you find out at 13 weeks????

ashleydenise87 (766.3 days ago)
We are 13w 3d and sooo excited to be having our first baby boy after 4 girls between my fiance and myself. YAY! However, nausea hasn`t stopped at all yet. Praying for relief soon, but still so thankful!

quennetta (792 days ago)
OK I`m 13weeks pregnant and still getting used to the idea of having a brand new baby. Very excited! Good luck mommies!!

Mari~Ruben (793.2 days ago)
I am 13 weeks today! I am so excited felt like forever to get past the scary party of miscarriage. Now I can`t wait to feel my baby move around. Good luck ladies

carlas (797.1 days ago)
I am 13weeks & 3days today, this is the second pregnancy! Here we go again, but Thank God for no morning sickness again!!

Tango5150 (830 days ago)
13 weeks exactly. All tests point to healthy. Drs guess..99% sure my wife is having a boy. Excited for #2.

babyharo2016 (860.1 days ago)
@4th_Simmons_Baby - “13w4d and this is my...„
Iam the same way i dont even feel pregnant maybe cause i havent had an ultrasound yet but tomorrow i go..and i too had no morning sickness at all i guess were the lucky ones...

babyharo2016 (860.1 days ago)
13 weeks today with my first child iam 29 not knowing what to expect no morning sickness just a bit of light cramping in the beginning i go tomorrow for my first ultra sound hopefully everything is go and i can get a gender doesnt seem real yet

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