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Week 12 starts on day 84 and goes up to day 91.
It is your 13e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 6.5 centimeter / 2.6 inches
Weight of your baby: 20 gram / 0.7 ozs

Week 12 signifies the first milestone for you and your baby. The major organs are now formed and will continue to develop and your baby will now focus on growth.

At this time the chances of miscarriage are greatly reduced and you will most likely now be asked to visit with your obstetrician or gynecologist. Although this is very exciting your first visit will require you to answer a lot of questions and you should try to prepare for this in advance. You may be asked about previous pregnancies, any instances of miscarriage, hereditary genetic diseases prevalent in your family and sensitive issues such as drug or alcohol use by you or your partner. You will also be asked to submit a blood sample and a urine sample and your blood pressure will be taken. All of these will be monitored throughout your pregnancy. You may also be allowed to listen to the heartbeat of your baby or even get an ultrasound but every doctor's practice and midwife is different in regards to when this happens.

Over the past three weeks the baby has doubled in size and the digestive tract now begins to move into place, allowing the baby to start transporting food. The bone marrow now makes white blood cells which will help the baby fight infections and the placenta will begin to create hormones.

The baby will now begin to move his hands, making small fists and often they try to grasp the umbilical chord. However this is so strong and sturdy it is impossible for him to do it any harm and you will see after the birth how difficult it is to cut the chord. The head will now begin to lift and he will now be able to move his feet. At this time your baby is also able to yawn and may also try to suck his thumb. The part of the bowel which was attached to the umbilical chords will now be drawn into the baby's tummy.

The baby's brain has grown considerably and the basic structure will remain as it is now until after the birth. The baby's heart will now beat at a tremendous rate, over 160 beats per minute. This will however drop to between 120 and 160 after birth.

Your own body will now produce almost half again the amount of blood as usual which will be used to transport nutrients to the placenta and for the disposal of waste coming from your baby. This increase of blood going to the baby can result in a drop in your own blood pressure causing dizziness as there is less blood to your brain.

It is often said that pregnant women `glow` and this is because the increased levels of hormone in your bloodstream can help improve the color of your skin and make your nails and hair thicker and shinier.

Your uterus will now be about the size of a grapefruit but because it sits higher the pressure on your bladder may be relieved meaning you shouldn't have to urinate as frequently as before.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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chinwe (164.2 days ago)
I stopped feeling those flutters a few weeks ago. This one ain`t as feisty as his (I`m hoping it`s a boy) sister was. No relief from the salivating yet.
Was kainda hoping... nay, praying that it would end this week. oh, well.

beckjennifer745 (177.4 days ago)
im 178 pounds and im 13 weeks pregnant when will I start to show and feel the baby?

Hadeacha19 (189.8 days ago)
It says i should be 12 weeks starting 13 but when i take a test its a negative! My last period was July 20th. Has anyone had that problem if so can you message me and tell me what you did to find out if you were preggers or not?

Junerose (224.8 days ago)
Wooow I`m 12 weeks pregnant for my third child.i have 2 boys now hope it`s a girl

Lilparty (247 days ago)
This says I`m due either February 28th or March 1st. Does anyone else have the problem of 2017 not being able to be selected?

ndeshi (247.3 days ago)
Hi I`m 12 weeks now and a few days. Any mom`s dew Feb 27 2017

MaliCarro (269.6 days ago)
I`m 12 weeks pregnant and I`m going to have a scan tomorrow! Some sources say it`s possible to find out the baby`s gender in the 12th week, so I`m really excited:

Pooja21 (346.8 days ago)
I am 12 week and 3 days. :)

queen_keylolo (358.8 days ago)
I`m 12 weeks and 1 day!!! I`m so blessed I`ve been ttcing for over 6 years and had many losses and disappointments but look at God!!


Abargas (377.9 days ago)
I made the 12 week mark!!! YAY!!!

Neil29 (388.5 days ago)
I made 12weeks today woot woot

hleigh77 (397.9 days ago)
12 weeks today!!!

Haberby (456.2 days ago)

ieshafall (465.7 days ago)
Hey ladies, I`m 12 weeks and 4 days and praying for a normal pregnancy. Had a little stump but I know God got me. My husband is so excited because it`s his first and my third. We have two boys already and I`m thinking its a girl because I still have sickness. Whatever he/she is I`m grateful.

shameeka (465.8 days ago)
@Tara88 - “Am I the only one fe...„
No girl, I notice it to, but my other babies I didn`t feel tool after four mnth. NEW millennium babies

shameeka (465.8 days ago)
Yes, that pregnant belly is there!!! I`m still having motioning sickness. Hoping it`s a girl, but still happy if it`s a boy, look at that so no...... BEAUTIFUL

Jessieg (474.3 days ago)
We made it to 12 weeks! Im 12w & 3d! I have my second ultrasound in 2 days. I`m really hoping to see my little squishy developing on track and to hear that precious heart beat! Things ive encountered so far with these crazy horimones.... Omgosh the sweating! I feel like I wake up in a puddle everynight! And the peeeeeing geez how much can a person go during the night? Baaah I just want one night of undisturbed sleep. And talk about tired ugh lol im feel like I`m gonna die if I dont have at least a 30 min nap. I feel bad for my kids. They`re like geez mom you look like a zombie haha well hugs ladies that we made it to 12 weeks! Oh and if your struggling with nausea go to the store and bye some motion sickness bands and ask the dr. For some Diclegis! Amazing RX.... And please I know we all dont share the same view on meds during pregnancy.... But some of us aren`t that hard core. Throwing up suck much less throwing up lemonade and ginger root! Yuck

sweetestpari (478.6 days ago)

jaz-cal24 (490.3 days ago)

Latasha81 (509 days ago)
Hello everyone!! I`m 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant!! So excited!!

Tara88 (510 days ago)
Am I the only one feeling movement???

JessieH (542.7 days ago)
There`s a lot of Jesus praising going on around here. How about you thank yourselves and your own body for the miracle that is growing inside.... As I biologist I beg of you to realize that you are the ones making the babies, not Jesus. Amen.

Also, Barrrrrrrrrrrf! I am sooooo sick.

CarolT (543.6 days ago)
12.2 wks.. very tried and nauscious 24/7. Fingers crossed, hoping to feel better soon. Pregnancy #2 with 6 year gap. Thank God for this blessing.

maz_78 (546.1 days ago)
@MsWhiting - “12 wks so tired have...„
Iam 12 weeks with baby number 3 but a 15 yr gap andyou described how I feel perfectly ...

HIPPIEHOPE (547.6 days ago)
I`m twelve weeks five days. I`m so excited..Been feeling my little peach the last four days!! Praise Jesus!!

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