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Week 11 starts on day 77 and goes up to day 84.
It is your 12e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 5.5 centimeter / 2.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 10 gram / 0.4 ozs

Your baby has already completed its most important stage of development. By this point the basic foundations of all his vital components are now in place and simply require growing and developing further. His skeleton now consists only of cartilage and only during the first years of life outside the womb will this be replaced by natural bone.

The head of the baby is still very large compared to the body, about half the total size of the fetus. In this week the irises of your baby's eyes will grow as will hit tiny nails. His eyes are now closed and will only open again around week 26.

Your pregnancy should still not be visible although you will be able to feel your growing uterus. If you lie flat on your back and gently feel above your pubic bone with your fingertips you should feel a hard edge. This small ball-like structure is the top of your womb although it will be a while before you will begin to develop a clear pregnancy belly.

Many women are concerned with their weight and during pregnancy this is even more so. Some women find that they lose weight within the first few months because they are working or they suffer from pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. Others find they gain weight quickly and each woman is different so try not to worry too much at this stage. The average weight gain during pregnancy is somewhere between 12 and 20lbs and this can be gained at the beginning, the middle, or at the end of the pregnancy. Some women weigh less at the end of their pregnancy than they did before although this is very rare. The important thing is that you do not suddenly start to diet as it is vital that your baby gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help him grow properly.

You may notice that your skin changes from day to day throughout your pregnancy and it is important that you take more care of it now. You should lubricate your skin regularly with a moisturizer or a special pregnancy cream or oil. Try to avoid too much sunbathing as although UV radiation is not harmful to your baby, it is not good for your skin and your health. It can be that you will develop what is known as a `pregnancy mask` consisting of irregular pigmentation in the skin. This can cause changes to the coloring of your skin and in severe cases can still be present years after giving birth but again you shouldn't worry too much as this is very unusual.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Lyndsy lou (270.8 days ago)
So excited to be 11 weeks with my Rainbow baby!!!!

Alexialouise (497.1 days ago)
Last day in this week! See you in the next week :)

1sttimer (542.9 days ago)
If I`m 11 weeks and 4 days on August 28, and I had sex on May 21 with a condom, may 22 and May 24 without, may 28 without, June 5 with a condom, June 8 without, when was most likely the day that made me pregnant? Does anyone understand?

Borngreat (631.1 days ago)
I am 11 weeks and 3 days. Not my first pregnancy. My son is 5 and have had 2 miscarriages after that. I have been experiencing accute morning sickness like never before in my life. Till date can`t keep anything down except bread and milk. It`s sooooooooo frustrating that I can`t help but cry.My husband does all the cooking and chores for 2 months 2 weeks now. I really feel pity for him. I even thought it was twins but had ultrasound and doctor says it`s one. I am grateful still but I feeling so exhausted already. Is there any suggestions? Plssssss

sable (674.2 days ago)
I`m 11 weeks 5days...tomorrow I have a doc. Apt. And a sonogram....very excited to see my growing baby.... Thus far this has been my hardest pregnancy.. I have morning sickness and severe heart burn combined all day

mommy12700 (695.4 days ago)
@Keya-sean - “I am 11 weeks now.. ...„
That same thing happened with my second. I thought I was bleeding so I thought I was miscarrying so I got an u/s and found out it was twins. They got a heart beat on both of them around 6 weeks but at my 12 week u/s the twin stopped growing around 8 weeks. It hung around most of my pregnancy and screwed up a lot of my tests but my little guy turned out just fine.

Cynt83 (699 days ago)
#6 I`m 11 weeks and have alot of pain and m.s I guess it`s from previous c-section

Mammabear04 (710.7 days ago)
@Keya-sean - “I am 11 weeks now.. ...„
Only if you are getting a blood test and you will get The resault within a week

Keya-sean (715 days ago)
I am 11 weeks now.. I recently found out one of my twins past away but the other will survive. I go for my ultra sound this coming monday. Will they be able to tell me the sex of my baby? And why one twin died.

Danish (722.4 days ago)
11 weeks tomorrow!

Eloiza (759.8 days ago)
I`m very exited but at the same time scared.. My baby heartbeat 150 wow too strong now my south boy or girl for some reason I`m thinking girl ..I am on my third an hoping I`m right

Disneybaby (761.1 days ago)
11 weeks here i went for a regular scan and they told me that there is still a small bleed ?? Not too sure what that means and woth them saying `still` i assume it was there on my 7 week scan aswell. Anyone ever deal with this or know what it could be? My dr has sent a referral to a better clinic for scans to get a better look at it, baby was fine on scan 180bpm!

msharaej (775.3 days ago)
@Tara88 - “I`m eleven weeks and...„
So am I but my sister`s didn`t believe me at first because they didn`t.

msharaej (775.3 days ago)
@mama28 - “So this is my 4th pr...„
Drink more water and green vegetables it should help. That`s how I get through it.

mama28 (780.7 days ago)
So this is my 4th pregnancy, and I`ve never had issues with constipation. I do now and Its bad! Like I haven`t gone in 2 weeks! Anyone else had this happen? If so what helped you `move`? I`m desperate, when nothing is exiting I can`t keep food down :(

Tara88 (819.3 days ago)
And this is number five :) loving all my babies

Tara88 (819.3 days ago)
I`m eleven weeks and I am absolutely showing.

yb062481 (820.9 days ago)
11 wks 6 days with baby #6. Very excited!!!

favouredy (821.3 days ago)
Am in ma 11th wk with ma 1st baby,so excited

JessieH (848 days ago)
@kathy31 - “I`m 11weeks 5 days ...„
6th child????!!!!

Amy Angel (849.3 days ago)
I`m 11 weeks today and I hate have lots of nausea I can`t go out in my. Partners car because last time I did that I throw up in my handbag I have it everyday and I`m so tired ...I`ve tried bis they don`t help so what else does .... ??

kathy31 (857.2 days ago)
I`m 11weeks 5 days
With my 6th child
I`m a bit scared because 7 months ago I lost a baby boy
I was 16 weeks I`m just a bit scared it might happen with this baby

maz_78 (858.3 days ago)
Heading into week 11 with 3rd baby and am also noticeably pregnant :-)

Issi1 (860.4 days ago)
Stranger than strange I am showing too. I know its too early so its bloating as well. This is my third baby as well. I had to tell people early as there was no hiding it

dpothier (860.9 days ago)
Im 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child! And I am already showing!! Like, noticeably pregnant, ease tell me one of you are in the same boat as me, lol. It says I won`t be showing uet, but I am. Is this normal?

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