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Week 10 starts on day 70 and goes up to day 77.
It is your 11e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 4.5 centimeter / 1.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 5 gram / 0.2 ozs

The tail of the fetus disappears completely this week and your baby begins to resemble a tiny person. The organs will continue to develop and the jaw will be formed as will the upper lip. The baby's eyes are now fully opened but as of next week they will close and remain closed until week 25.

The baby's head is still very big compared to the rest of the body. The inner ears are now ready and the outer ear will now begin to develop although the baby still won't hear anything for quite a while. The tissue joining the fingers will now begin to disappear and the fingers will separate, making them independent of each other. The urinary tract will now also be formed.

By the end of this week the placenta will be formed and the baby will be fed via the umbilical chord which is now also formed by three blood vessels which will connect it to the placenta. These blood vessels are well protected by a jelly like layer which completely surrounds them.

If you are using a folic acid supplement you can stop around this time as the brains and spinal chord are now complete. However, continuing to take this throughout your pregnancy will not do any harm.

In week 10 the hormone hCG is at its highest concentration and many women find this is when they experience the most acute symptoms of their pregnancy. After this period thing should gradually ease off as the hormone levels are reduced.

It is important to keep a close check on your diet at this time and unlike popular wives tales it is absolutely not necessary to 'eat for two'. It is better to eat a healthy and varied diet including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables which are important but more so during pregnancy.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Jurleeb (168.7 days ago)
@Twinoftwins - “Hi everyone I`m 36 t...„
They give a lot of people this test, my doc says it`s just for precautions and all they are doing is measuring the shit or the neck for the baby.

Twinoftwins (195.7 days ago)
@trena - “I`m Trena. 40 years ...„
I just posted something that I am worried abt that I hv never experienced b4 our youngest was born 12 years ago. Advice and hv u had to go thru this testing

Twinoftwins (195.7 days ago)
Hi everyone I`m 36 this is our 7 and 8th, and they tell me with my age and ethnic background I`m at risk of having babies with DS. Ive never smoked drank or did any type of drugs, shoot I don`t even like to take headache meds. I really was not expecting that info I hv to hv a sono when I am 12-13 weeks which I will b that in abt 2 wks. Plz do any one hv any advice. That have became pregnant after 34. Thank u

trena (223.6 days ago)
I`m Trena. 40 years old baby number 6 and have 5 boys. Praying for a girl.

Proudnommyof4 (237.5 days ago)
Hi my name is Michelle and this is baby number 4 and I been having morning sickness all day long and keep having bad headache and weak and shaking a lot due date 2-24-17

Nulle4 (303.8 days ago)
Baby No. 5:) due: 22th december 2016, Im 37 years old and have 2 girls and 2 boy. I guese Im having a boy again<3

Kellylou (304.5 days ago)
Baby no5 due 19th Dec 2016. I`m 37yrs old and I feel it. I have 4 boys so fingers crossed for a girl. I wish I could float in a pool of carbonated water whilst eating chips and gravy...

roxie29330 (306.6 days ago)
@charuma - “Am in 10th week i fe...„
Me to I`m so ready to feel normal again. Due date dec.19,2016 .will be my 3rd. Never had this problem with my other 2 pregnancies.

Rosiebaby (335.7 days ago)
Hi I am Rosie 39 this is my first baby ever and I tell u I been so sick since I found out I have only night sickness and now that I try to eat I can keep nothing down

Rosiebaby (335.7 days ago)

Momtobe2016 (339.7 days ago)
I`ll be 11 weeks on sunday, and i currently just got over the 24hour flu. It was awful, other than that i haven`t really puked so far, some days my nausea is bad and sometimes i don`t get it.

savannadestinee (343.8 days ago)
10 weeks today. Never really had mornimg sickness this whole time. I only throw up after every other shower, which is weird... But i am always tired!

Cynt83 (378.5 days ago)
I am ten weeks today and feel terrible been in bed all day and ms all day so frustrated.

Jewelz88 (378.6 days ago)
Just started my 10 th week and I feel great not tired not sick nothing anymore :) can`t wait to see my bundle of joy

lisagutierrez (380.2 days ago)

hleigh77 (384.8 days ago)
I am 10 weeks tomorrow so happy but so sick most of the time. I did not have morning sickness exhaustion like this with my son its all day sickness and I just never want to get out of bed. I have to of course, anyway...I wish I could have an ultra sound already but no...not until the 25th so not until 12 weeks...blah

hleigh77 (384.8 days ago)
@ ELLIEISLAME, you can put the due date that you are and it will match up your weeks...its what I did

@ mammabear04 - oh my gosh NO!! and I hope I dont ever have that taste, please do not share that symptom :)

Mammabear04 (385.1 days ago)
Does any other moms out there taste a verry gassy taste it is horrible I have been gassy with other pregnancys but never tasted the gas.

ellieislame (387.2 days ago)
Not the most accurate thing in the world.. but right now I should be 11 weeks and 5 days and this thing says i`m 10 weeks, ooook but, having hope this pregnancy will go well

lili3 (408.5 days ago)
This is my forth pregnancy and i have never i mean not even my other pregnancys felt so sleepy and nauses , i feel moody ,bloated ,and the nausea is horrible i cant wait until it gets better its like everything is times 5 with twins , i love this little babies so much already i cant wait to have them in my arms

nobuzwe (426.5 days ago)
please you can update me everyday?

Eloiza (428.3 days ago)
These is one complicated pregnancy 10 weeks

Angelleece (434.2 days ago)
10 weeks 4 days long way to go

msharaej (443.8 days ago)
I saw my baby yesterday and he was kicking, moving his arms and turning around. I couldn`t tell if he was being silly or partying lol. It was amazing

olwe2 (443.9 days ago)
am ten weeks today

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