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Getting pregnant
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The first two pregnancy weeks start on day 0 0.
As soon as you ovulate you're in week 2

Length of your baby: 0 millimeter / 0 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

Your baby will be born approximately 38 weeks after fertilization of the egg. It is customary to include the period between the last menstruation and approximate conception date which adds another two weeks to the term of pregnancy. This brings the total to 40 weeks.

However, for the first two weeks of your pregnancy you are not actually pregnant. The length of the ovulation period is different for everyone thus conception time cannot be calculated exactly. In order to reach the most optimum dates, pregnancy is always counted from the last day of your last menstruation. Calculating 40 weeks from this day will give you the most likely date for the birth of your baby.

Week 0 begins the new cycle and menstruation has begun. At this point you still wont know whether or not pregnancy will occur. Over the next 2 weeks your eggs will be matured in the ovaries and your body will produce hormones which allow the mature egg to `jump`. These eggs are not yet visible to the naked eye and are surrounded by a bubble. These calls are known as follicles and are matured from primary eggs to follicle cells in the ovaries immediately after menstruation has ended. The growth and maturity of the egg cell happens because of the hormones flooding the body. The follicle, along with lutenising hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) produces its own hormone, estrogen. The levels of estrogen released into the body are determined by the growth of the follicle. When the body detects large amounts of estrogen it affects the cervix and the mucus plug. Ovulation begins approximately 24 to 36 hours after an estrogen surge and lasts 48 hours. In less than two weeks the follicle will grow from less than one tenth of a millimeter to 2 centimetres and will be visible to the naked eye.

After ovulation the yellow body (corpus luteum) is formed and from this progesterone is released. Progesterone is the hormone which prepare the uterus for implantation and translated literally means `for pregnancy`. If fertilization of the egg does not occur the corpus luteum shrivels and menstruation occurs approximately 14 days later. It is often believed that ovulation begins 14 days after menstruation occurs when in fact it begins 14 days before menstruation. Example: If you have a regular 28 day cycle, ovulation begins on the 14th day. However, a cycle of 32 days means ovulation occurs on the 18th day and having intercourse on day 14 will not affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

When are you fertile? If you wish to become pregnant it is important that you know the days when you are most fertile. This is generally three days before ovulation until two days after. It is not possible to determine when an egg will be ready for fertilization, only after it has happened. There are now special ovulation tests which work almost the same as the more popular pregnancy tests but measure lutenising hormone (LH) rather than hCG (human chorion gonadotrophine). When two dark stripes appear on the tester you know that an egg is ready for fertilization. In contrast a pregnancy test gives a secondary result for Hcg hormone in your body which is only released after fertilization has occurred. As hCG is not present in the body until after conception has occurred, unless you are pregnant there will be no stripes on the tester, not even light.

Folic Acid

It is recommended to anyone trying to get pregnant take 0.5 mg folic acid per day. Although this B vitamin is present in brown bread, spinach, nuts, bananas, meat, fish and eggs the required amount may not be present in your daily diet. It is therefore advised that you obtain folic acid tablets from the pharmacist or chemist which is available without prescription and take the recommended dosage every day to ensure your body is absorbing the required amount. Research suggest Folic acid substantially (60-70%) reduces the risk of spina bifida, anencephaly, fluid in the brain and cleft palate. You should keep taking the folic acid tablets until you are least 10 weeks pregnant although it does no harm to continue throughout the pregnancy.

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model (15.7 days ago)

molly23 (218.6 days ago)
I am 4 month pregnant and this period is very difficult for me The 4th month of pregnancy is dangerous for women with the adrenal cortex dysfunction. The danger increases if a boy is expected. It happens because of testosterone.

Sanam bajwa (361.4 days ago)
Hi I am sanam n I am 7 weeks pregnant

Jewels82 (514.6 days ago)
I`m planning to have my next baby. My last period began September 16. I`m hoping to conceive soon.

Amandah (553.5 days ago)
5 more days till scheduled c section I`ve literally looked at this website every other day throughout my pregnancy and have enjoyed reading everyone`s posts has made time fly.... congrats to all the new mommies!!!

Kady doucet (619.2 days ago)
Hey I`m Sabrina and I`m 4 wewks

Nez (639.1 days ago)
I`m so happy to have finally found a website i love! wish i could have found this sooner, i`m already on my last tri :( i love reading all you other women`s comments and articles!

tinkdeion29 (660.1 days ago)
@Leeshalove - “Im 5weeks with me an...„
5 weeks too and I`m so happy this will be number three

milanez (661.9 days ago)
Hi my name is Laura, I am 7 almost 8 week pregnant and this will be my 5th child that was not in the family plans but his more than welcome to our family! At first we were really surprise about this big news but we got over it and happy to know that soon we will have this little one in our crazy happy family!(;

Leeshalove (673.4 days ago)
Im 5weeks with me and my husbands 3rd child. ...excited and very sick

Ortiz09 (748.7 days ago)
Hello I am 17 weeks and 6 days with my 4th baby

pedizamia12 (756 days ago)
Hi everyone I`m 7 wks 4 days pregnant today me and my husband are real excited this will be our third baby together we have a four yr old and and a three yr old already.........

relindisjoyce (785.3 days ago)
am 1 month today! am excited and depressed all in one,

Newmamma27 (807.4 days ago)
I`m 11wks and 6dayz, I`m so happy and excited that I`m pregnant. This well be my first one, Tuesday morning I have a doctor appointment, and I can`t wait to see my baby again.... I can say thank got I skip the morning sickness so far. But congratulations to everyone that is expected or a new mom to be soon

purplediamonds (810.8 days ago)
I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant a few days ago and I`m terrified. I already have a 8 month old son so having another baby right now wasn`t my plan I`m 22 and my fiance is 25 I don`t no if I`m ready for another baby, someone please send some advice my way

JaiVynn2016 (825.6 days ago)
Im 20 weeks today. Im very excited to find out my baby`s gender tmmrw. #FirstTimeMommy

kiksmi1 (895.5 days ago)
2days ago,i experienced some bleeding I was so scared I taught hv lost my baby so i went to the hospital got a scan done and I was told my baby is totally fine,the heartbeat is normal that all I need is bedrest till my 1st trimester is morning sickness still on me,still cnt eat well but trying to put something down,always feeling nauseous,but d vm hv reduced, I vm once in rdays now, praying the morning sickness to b over soon so dat I will b able to eat well.

kiksmi1 (895.5 days ago)
(0 minutes ago)  
@sayyoddy,thanks for the reply.Today am in my 10weeks4days,am progressing with my pregnancy and hv stopped the extra folic acid,on my prenacare only.

sayoddy (897.2 days ago)
@kiksmi1 - “Have bin taking foli...„
No need to take extra folic acid as pregnacare plus contains all the necessary vitamins you and the baby needs. You`re 10weeks now, why are you in week 1, go up to your week and know more how your baby is progressing

kiksmi1 (900.3 days ago)
Have bin taking folic acid since my 5th week of pregnancy and am in my 10th week now and my mw said I should start taking pregnacare plus and dat I should continue with my folic thinking d pregnacare contains folic acid,is it necessary I should continue wit another single dose of folic acid?

zandimissy (944.7 days ago)
hi everyone, I`m 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant my husband and I are super excited. I have a history of miscarriage, so we are a bit scared of what might happen. We hope the baby stays

ugobaby (982.7 days ago)
Af came on 23 april, had late ovulation on 27th may, did transvaginal scan on. 10th june, they confirmed the ovulation but no implantation though I noticed a brownish discharge on 6th of june to 10th june..I`m just confused cos I do not have any pregnancy symptom..I need advice pls

sayoddy (995.8 days ago)
I wish it could say about getting pregnant after first cycle post-miscarriage

Girl2014 (1007.2 days ago)
I was on the depo until March and then I got a regaular cycle last month for six days well, I didn`t know I was fertile the last week of April and ovulate on the 30th of April and I`d sex that whole week. Well, I haven`t start my cycle this month and I`m almost a week late coming tomorrow and I took a test Friday and Monday and it came out negative. So, I don`t what to do. Could I be pregnant?

Kargoddess (1021.1 days ago)
@Tbirkholtz - “I just found out thi...„
Congrats and good luck. I`ve also had two miscarriages since December of last year and Hoping I`m pregnant as my AF hasn`t arrived yet. I`m curious on How is your doctor keeping a closer watch on you this time?

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