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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Baby development comments, 24 hours

Baby development

0 Months

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! With all of the changes going on within your body and your life, the reality of having a baby is probably setting in...

1 Month

At this stage, your baby is learning to trust his caretakers. Talking to your baby, holding him, singing and playing with him between sleep periods is important...

2 Months

By the end of the second month, it's possible that you've been rewarded for your sleepless nights and round the clock diaper changes with a toothless grin from your baby...

3 Months

You might be getting some relief during the nighttime hours now as some babies are sleeping through the night, but most are at least sleeping for longer periods of time...

4 Months

Because your baby is becoming a creature of habit and familiarising himself with the people and places around him, you might notice that he gets upset or fussy when a stranger approaches him...

5 Months

With your baby becoming more accustomed to a daily schedule, life has likely become more bearable for you. You know when your baby needs to eat, sleep and play...

6 Months

Your baby continues to grow, learn and development each and every day. In just six short months, your baby has not only grown physically, but intellectually as well...

7 Months

Because your baby's eyesight has changed rapidly since birth, his vision is now almost fully developed. He is now able to see far and wide, differentiating colours...

8 Months

Because your baby is likely crawling or scooting around, baby proofing your home is critical at this time. ...

9 Months

If you haven't already noticed your baby saying a few understandable words, you will shortly. Besides `mama` and `dada`, your baby might be able to say `hi`, `bye bye` and a few other words...

10 Months

Most babies have been eating solid foods now for quite some time. Provide your baby with a spoon and allow him to feed himself. Give your baby foods that will stick well to their spoon...

11 Months

Your baby is not too little to learn what your expectations are. Setting clear rules that are realistic and easy to follow will help your baby realize what is acceptable...

12 Months

It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed since you brought your tiny bundle of joy home! Your child has grown tremendously over this past year, both physically and intellectually...

13 Months

More than likely, you have noticed a variety of behavior changes taking place within your child. Welcome to the `terrible two's` phase of your toddler's life...

14 Months

If your child is not already potty trained, you should begin looking for signs of physical readiness that include being able to follow directions...

15 Months

Your child is curious about what is taking place around him as he begins to understand that people have roles and responsibilities in the community...

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