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New comments on the BBT-Temperature charts.
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mdscpa, Chart 1
From mdscpa - 23 days ago
Had early ovulation (9 days before expected O). So feeling a bit down this cycle with our BD timing . My usual O is around CD19-22.

sladja, Chart 1
From sladja - 138 days ago
Hi all! This is my first bbt chart, and we are ttc. Can someone help me with reading it?

thaneerath, Chart 1
From thaneerath - 247 days ago
i can`t understand abpout my bbt. because temperature g0ing down from 15-05-2017. and the value from that day onwards is same 96.9. So i missed all the concepts about bbt from my values. can anybody help me to avoid my confusion.

Madenkorea, Chart 1
From Madenkorea - 290 days ago
hopefully I ovulated on April 3 which is our anniversary

fabienne, Chart 1
From fabienne - 354 days ago
Any idea when was my ovulation?

Trup, Chart 1
From Trup - 402 days ago

Kizzy done, Chart 1
From Kizzy done - 405 days ago
What going on here

Mj_Maestro, Chart 1
From Sarah5010 - 414 days ago
I witnessed another chart but her last recorded dot wasnt at a elevated temp but rather much lower, hes was a dip and yours is a spike!! WOW, CONGRADULATIONS. I am curious, what was your symptoms days 22-30?

Mohanram_a, Chart 1
From Sarah5010 - 414 days ago
With such a major dip on day 26? WOW congradulations! Did you experience implantation bleeding on day 26? Did you also experience flu-like symptoms?

lmyers0141, Chart 2
From lmyers0141 - 423 days ago
Dip 5dpo??

lmyers0141, Chart 1
From lmyers0141 - 445 days ago
The site won`t let me put in the correct information on my first day of my cycle. It keeps changing it. As you can see the line that shows ovulation is in the wrong place. Anyone?

Mowgimom, Chart 1
From Mowgimom - 539 days ago

sabrina6406, Chart 1
From sabrina6406 - 542 days ago
I`m wondering if I may have in fact ovulated on Day 15. If so we did the BD.

StillTrying47, Chart 1
From StillTrying47 - 594 days ago
@StillTrying47 - “Why is this chart st...„
Ok, so I matched up the days of the week correctly but I cannot get the chart so show the correct cycle start day of May 9, keeps starting it on May 8!

hartselhoney, Chart 2
From hartselhoney - 655 days ago

hartselhoney, Chart 2
From hartselhoney - 663 days ago

sndannettelle, Chart 1
From sndannettelle - 667 days ago
Feeling a bit discouraged :( My temps are all over the place

Parisfrance137, Chart 1
From betsyp25 - 677 days ago
Do you have PCOS? I`ve seen other BBT like this and the increase in temperature for one day could mean a cyst developed?

Rain123, Chart 1
From Rain123 - 742 days ago
I stopped measuring temp as I was informed on 22nd December that I had not ovulated. On to the next cycle to see if I have more luck this time around.

Dannix3, Chart 2
From Dannix3 - 755 days ago
Did i ovulate on cd 11 or 13 im confused

Molly2015, Chart 1
From michellebates25 - 771 days ago
Good morning are you taking your temp at the same time of day

michelle9775, Chart 1
From priya81 - 799 days ago

saramokey, Chart 2
From blue2013 - 834 days ago

Wishdiamond, Chart 1
From Wishdiamond - 878 days ago
I usually take my temp at 8:00am. I did this morning and it was 97.3° the at 12:38pm it said 98.4°. ~Tuesday, August 25, 2015

lanajay, Chart 2
From lanajay - 929 days ago
I ovulate way to early

lanajay, Chart 1
From lanajay - 932 days ago
not sure if i ovulated or not

Ellie 2011, Chart 1
From sayoddy - 939 days ago
You ovulated day 14 when there was a rise

Ellie 2011, Chart 1
From Ellie 2011 - 941 days ago
Would any one like to help me. I`m not sure what day i would of Ovulated.

gulraiz, Chart 1
From gulraiz - 988 days ago
Any one tell me can i be pregnent this time this is my first time to chart bbt and i ovulate on 16 had sex on cd

gulraiz, Chart 1
From gulraiz - 988 days ago

wishingstar, Chart 1
From wishingstar - 1005 days ago
what the heck! a 50 day cycle!!!

wishingstar, Chart 1
From wishingstar - 1011 days ago
still no AF. Me and husband planned to take UPT on April 20... on his birthday... hoping for a + result! baby dust !!!

wishingstar, Chart 1
From wishingstar - 1014 days ago
still no AF and bbt keeps on rising. Its my 42nd day w/o AF. Still scared to test. Will wait until April 19 or 20 to test.

wishingstar, Chart 1
From wishingstar - 1016 days ago
btw, my period started march 01. but i started charting my bbt march 12.

wishingstar, Chart 1
From wishingstar - 1017 days ago
i am now delayed 3 days. my bbt stil high. i had hpt march 31 and its negative. im ttc and scared to take another hpt (for negative result). I had two dots of blood march 26, brown dot on 27th (only when wiped). A bit more brown discharge from march 28 to 30.

mariadiaz, Chart 6
From allen2015 - 1058 days ago
So did it ell you you possibly ovulated befor the chart was complete or after, i just started charting and am so conused

mariadiaz, Chart 6
From allen2015 - 1058 days ago
So did it ell you you possibly ovulated befor the chart was complete or after, i just started charting and am so conused

saramokey, Chart 2
From saramokey - 1076 days ago
unfortunate miscarriage on day 35 of cycle (26th of January) no worries...we will keep trying

motabacha, Chart 1
From motabacha - 1086 days ago

Roddersbaby, Chart 1
From Roddersbaby - 1093 days ago
CD18 have I ov`d? CBDOT is unclear as just constantly showing high fertility and no peak.

qwert0987, Chart 1
From Brigsy - 1104 days ago
Hi, have you got bfp or BFN?

mariadiaz, Chart 4
From Brigsy - 1104 days ago
My chart is similar. Have you got any bfp?

Cand87, Chart 1
From adsmith8000 - 1126 days ago
your chart kinda looks like mine...I am wondering if I am preggo...hummm

whitewave, Chart 4
From SDV - 1201 days ago
Are you still editing your chart?

whitewave, Chart 4
From SDV - 1201 days ago

Reba82, Chart 1
From gemrobercolli - 1224 days ago
I use several different apps, programmes and charts to record my cycle exactly to avoid that(!) I think the more you chart periods, ovulation etc the more accurate they become. I after 8 months of recording my period it has gone from telling me I had a 15-27 day cycle to a 34-49 day cycle!

As for the luteal phase, mine is only 14 days (the average) but I have a very, very long follicular (fertile) phase. Your phases can vary cycle to cycle too. 8 day differences aren`t unusual :)

GL! x

CAH, Chart 1
From gemrobercolli - 1224 days ago
Good luck with conceiving(!) :)

mattchris2001, Chart 1
From idunu30 - 1239 days ago

pert5000, Chart 2
From pert5000 - 1275 days ago
I have only been charting my temperature since the end of April/beginning of May, so I`m not sure what`s going on exactly. Before having my first child, though, my cycles in general were really long and/or inconsistent, anywhere from 33-42 days long. Since having a child, they`re much more regular, averaging every 32 days. It did appear from what little charting I`d done that my luteal phase was approximately 12 days. With the help of clear blue easy digital ovulation tests and checking my temperature, we were successful our first month trying. PS. This is the combination we used when conceiving our first child, too.

pert5000, Chart 2
From keyla - 1280 days ago
Is is usual for your follicular stage to be so long?

pert5000, Chart 2
From keyla - 1280 days ago
Awesome! Congratulations.

Reba82, Chart 1
From Reba82 - 1298 days ago
I am quite confused about this temperature charting thing... It says that I ovulated approx day 10.5? But I have 30 day cycles almost like clock work. I believe I actually ovulated on day 14 due to symptoms. But, how do I know for sure? Also, if it really was on day 10-11, doesn`t that mean my luteal phase would be way too long?? PLEASE OFFER YOUR EXPERT OPINIONS :-)

CAH, Chart 1
From CAH - 1313 days ago
Very likely a chemical pregnancy, as I had obvious early symptoms: elevated BBT (at the beginning of my menstrual cycle), sore breasts, light pink spotting. My menstrual cycle came 4 days early. :( I underwent a lot of unusual stress this month, causing me not to sleep very well. June is looking much better for conception.

zv, Chart 1
From Kimmy77 - 1314 days ago

showgirl20, Chart 3
From sporty - 1316 days ago
Hi Showgirl - I am sorry to read this :( possibly this was a chemical pregnancy as AF came early for you. Here is a webpage that does an nice job of explaining.
Much luck next month - stay happy and positive :)

showgirl20, Chart 2
From sporty - 1341 days ago
Sorry Showgirl, from your small comments I thought this was your month :( Stay positive

Jeyline, Chart 1
From keyla - 1347 days ago

rossana, Chart 1
From rossana - 1352 days ago
@keyla - “Congratulations!...„

rossana, Chart 1
From keyla - 1352 days ago

Jeyline, Chart 1
From Taiyse - 1356 days ago

zv, Chart 1
From zv - 1356 days ago
@zv - “2/5/2014 in the afte...„

zv, Chart 1
From zv - 1357 days ago
2/5/2014 in the afternoon positive HPT(10IU/ml)

madelein, Chart 1
From madelein - 1465 days ago
Hi ladies, this is my 5th month ttc baby #5 and my first time bbt charting. Can any of u tell me if your charts looked like mine and ended up in a BFP ?

jaemy, Chart 1
From jaemy - 1467 days ago

emma171, Chart 1
From emma171 - 1470 days ago
still no proper AF, test tomorro I think

emma171, Chart 1
From emma171 - 1472 days ago
d day tomorrow, not feeling good, doubt the BFP will arrive. AF instead.

jaemy, Chart 1
From jaemy - 1485 days ago
Hi can anyone tell me is my chart saying that am gonna be pregnant. this is the first month of bbt charting. i have no idea how should i look for. me and husband are trying to get pregnant since 6 months. i have lot of hopes this time. can anyone help to predict with this chart

scaron, Chart 4
From scaron81 - 1558 days ago
@jamie conley - “so this dose work? h...„
I charted 3 cycles before actually conceiving. I found it hard to really identify my fertile days.

scaron, Chart 4
From jamie conley - 1566 days ago
so this dose work? how long had you been trying?

Nally, Chart 2
From Nally - 1603 days ago
My first chart on this website.Let`s see!

Admin, Chart 2
From dan - 1643 days ago
Hey am new here trying for a baby my last period was 10th of july and i had sex 16th of july can i be pregnant my cirle is between 25 - 27 this one was 27 any advice pls tanx

Admin, Chart 2
From dan - 1643 days ago


BBT is your Basal Body Temperature. It is the lowest temperature attained by the body, usually during sleep. It is generally measured immediately after awakening. Use a thermometer with an accuracy of 0.1° or better.

BBT Example charts

BBT & Ovulation

Ovulation causes an increase of 0.5 - 1°F (0.25 - 0.5°C) in basal body temperature. This small increase in BBT occurs within 48 hours of ovulation and remains elevated until your next period. Monitoring of BBT is a way to determine íf you are ovulating and if so, on which day of your cycle this occurred.

BBT & Ovulation problems

Records of basal body temperatures can be used to accurately determine if you are ovulating, and if the length of the post-ovulatory (luteal) phase of your menstrual cycle is sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if your luteal phase is shorter than 12 days, or if you don't seem to ovulate.

BBT & Pregnancy

In normal cycles you should see an increase of the BBT after ovulation. When the next menstruation occurs, the BBT drops again. If you are pregnant however, the BBT will stay high and you won't menstruate. If the temperature stays high, even after you would expect your menstruation to occur, you should try a pregnancy test.

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