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Pregnancy tests

Getting Pregnant > Fertility > Pregnancy tests

If you think you are pregnant and want to do a test to be sure it can be a confusing time. So many different tests in all the colors of the rainbow are available so what one should you choose. Before you rush out to buy the most expensive because “you get what you pay for” so they say, find out more about what they do and how they work.

During pregnancy the hormone hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced. This hormone is used to make the placental cells which will nourish the egg once it has been fertilized and nestled in the uterine wall. The production of this hormone are usually high enough to be detected in urine around two weeks after conception. This may be earlier if you go to your doctor and have a blood test. So, while it is impossible to say how accurate every pregnancy test is, research indicates that 97% of those which have been clinically approved, give an accurate result provided you wait until at least a week after you miss a period, take the test using the first urine of the day (when hormones are most concentrated) and follow the instruction closely.

On very rare occasions a pregnancy test can give a false positive result, indicating you are pregnant when you are not. Causes of this include protein in your urine or as a result of taking drugs such as hypnotics, anti-convulsants or tranquilizers.

Remember, getting a negative result doesn't necessarily mean you aren't pregnant and might be because you have used an out of date test, you didn't follow the instruction correctly, the test was taken too soon after conception when hCG levels are too faint to be picked up by the test or because you are using diuretics or antihistamines.

It is important to be absolutely sure one way or another and going to your doctor to have a blood test done is the best way of achieving this.

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8 comments on this topic

Starfire (584 days ago)
My body had been acting weird lately. I`ve taken pregnancy tests they keep showing up negative even the one at the doctors. But I feel pregnant and have the symptoms. I`ve had aunt flow twice but it was like it wasn`t my period. I did take a test a while ago during the week I was due and it came up positive. But everyone told me to disregard it. I had another positive yet negative test a couple of weeks ago and lately I have had more symptoms. I`m not too sure if it`s all in my head or not and if it`s not I`d be about 10 - 11 weeks.

simple_apple (703.1 days ago)
hi there newbie here...just wanna share and ask for advice..i`m a PCOS candidate husband came last january for a 2 months vacation, he is working abroad..then last feb i went to my OB for a checkup and start working up..she gave me OVAMIT to ovulate and we had FM and instruct us to go and make my period suppose to be due last march 15, and i still dont have it..been experiencing lately some nipple sore, backpain, nausea, sometimes cramps..i never tested PT yet..

nicolemcq (988.7 days ago)
Hi ladies , My period is a normal 3 days ,so I had my period on April 11, 2015 , then it came again May 9, 2015 an ended on 10th of may but now I started bleeding on June 4, 2015 but my period isn`t due until June 6, 2015 do you think I could be pregnant an If so when is it best to take a pregnancy test ?

kelseyolo (1097.7 days ago)
hi, my last period was January 17th 2015, I had surgery august 5th to remove scar tissue blocking both my tubes and cause irregular periods, it had went regular 28 days a month after surgery and had been regular up until this month, was suppose to get it two days ago tested yesterday and got a bfn.. I am trying for a baby could I possibly still be pregnant and just ovulated late and that`s why it was negative ?

meekspirit00 (1179.3 days ago)
@Unsure - “Hi there I am new to...„
did your Aunt Flo show up yet? your topic was written a week ago, if your period didn`t show and HPT say neg., see your doctor is all i can suggest.

james (1278.2 days ago)
my last was menstruation was on 5th august 2014 but on the I saw blood spot and serve pain , it stop just after some minutes. now I some time have adomen and backache and little bleed it disappear for even three days. is they something wrong I took my clomid treat 4 the second time and I was with my husband from 6 -12 august 2014

midnightschild13 (1486.4 days ago)
So listen. I can`t remember my LMP (irresponsible as a woman I know but i know it was like days before christmas. I know because me and sis are pretty inline and mine started the days hers ended and i THINK it was the 17th but could have been 20th. Well we both experienced bleeding on the same days this month. she said she wasn`t expecting AF till the 13th and she was having a normal AF. I had some weird light bleeding the 7-8-9th and then expect i would have my real period by today at least and still nothing. Been super emotional like i get the day before my period. But I just tested and it was BFN. So whats up? My bbs do feel a bit fuller but they are 44dd and its kind of hard to tell.... I have been gassy and nauseous but never really throw up until i have a cough spell. I have been really tired. exhausted some days even. Peeing seems about normal but i also feel like my smell is heightened. I just don`t see why i would have all these symptoms and NO BFP?? I was pregnant a few months ago and lost it at about 6 weeks due to stress. I am freaking about my body wondering why things are sooo off.

melortiz1228 (1551.1 days ago)
Hi! I am new to this and soon confused! I am suppose to get my period tomorrow, November 19. I have taken 2 pregnancy test and got bfns. I believe I implanted at 9 dpo. I think this because I was spotting on and off until 12 dpo. Also at 13 dpo hubby and I had intercourse. When we were done he realized that there was blood on the bed. Really weird. It kind of looked like koolaid. A really watered down blood. Not too much though. I don`t know what`s going on because these bfns are throwing me off. I also took a pregnancy test at the doctors which was negative! Not a blood test though. I also find it funny that af is due tomorrow and I have Nooo signs of it at all! Which is Realllyyy weird. Wouldn`t I feel something if my period was coming or I was pregnant? How can I feel soon normal! Helpp someone help me feel a little at ease, hubby thinks I nuts and overreacting!

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