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Mothers in Law

Family Matters > Mothers in Law

Every woman has a story of one kind or another to tell about their mother in law. It is always difficult trying to please everyone without coming up against someone who always seems to be at odds with you. If this is the case you just have to try to remember that you are the boss regarding your pregnancy.

While it is usually better to compromise there are some occasions when this isn't an option and you just have to be strong without being mean or personal and tell your mother in law that the decision is made. Try not to forget that your partner is in the middle of all this and someday you will be the mother in law.

Pregnancy is a joyful time for everyone and if you can, try to use your mother in law for support and involve her in the preparations for baby but let her know that at the end of the day you are the one who has to have the last word. Making the rules clear from the beginning will help. The vital thing is that you don't upset yourself so when things get too heated try to count to ten and walk away.

For those of you who have a wonderful relationship with their mother in law remember how lucky you are and use her friendship to help you with the little things you know she will enjoy doing.

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5 comments on this topic

mommiebrittany2014 (1575.9 days ago)
@oliviamarie91 - “My mother law is inc...„
That is a beautiful thing! My mother-in-law has been the same way, actually my mom & brother were just as happy I was worried my mom would be judgmental but everyone is excited, she even picked up a few maternity tops for me! I think when they are this happy they are ready to be grandparents & spoil this baby,

oliviamarie91 (1585.3 days ago)
My mother law is incredible. Our baby came as a surprise to my family and his side of the family. His side of the family is much, much more excited then mine was. His mother is extremely supportive and VERY excited. It is nice to look at baby stuff with her and coo over my fiance`s baby pictures and talk about who our baby might look like.

Rosie (1664.4 days ago)
Ha ha no. She is Dutch and great with German and French but not so good with English :)

kitty (1666.3 days ago)
@Rosie - “My mother in law is ...„
is she reading this by any chance?

Rosie (1667.5 days ago)
My mother in law is caring, understanding and thoughtful. Aren`t I lucky.

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