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Misshapen Head
Potty training boys
Potty training girls
Rhesus factor
Thumb sucking
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Child safety seats
Cluster Feeding
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Ectopic Pregnancy
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Back pain
Blood Loss 1st Trimester
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Dizziness and Fainting
Eating Disorders
Fetal Movement
In your 20s
In your 30s
In your 40s
Gastric Acid

25 newest comments

kvalles91 (14.5 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
30 weeks!! 5 more day and ill be 8 months!!!

Mama Jay (18.5 days ago)
In Feeding and Care > How long should you breastfeed
With my first son I breastfed for a year, I hope with my son to come I can do the same thing...

bryandra (20.6 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
almost 13 weeks, (: i wish time would go by a little faster. im not showing...

domosplace (20.6 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
SOOOO COOOL 5wks i cant wait to see my nugget on the scan : )

ChoclateMommie (21.7 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
17 weeks!!! so anxious for my 21 week scan...i will be finding out if my baby a boy or girl; sooooo excited!

kvalles91 (26.7 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
almost 29 weeks!! I cant wait for my baby girl

Rea (29.4 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
I used pregnancy test and the result is negative :(

Sarita (29.8 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
good one....

alizah (31.5 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
I am so excited to finally be 5 months (20 weeks), seems like time is going so slow!

lindelle (40.8 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
23 weeks almost six months woot woot

flo5356 (46.7 days ago)
In x > Miscarriage
Hello i am 6 week pregnant and i start it to spotting a bit then one day i went to the toilet i had a big gash come out there was a lot of blood, i friket out and i went to the A&E they did same blood test and it came out that i was pregnant.

when i did a scan they said that they code not see anything because it was to early on. i did a blood test to see if my HCG was going down or not but i still have not hard from any one yet. when i spoke to the doctor they said that i am going throw the cycil on my period. like you would do every mouth.

i don`t knew if i have miscarry and they are not saying anything. i have no cramps no pain at all.

can same one help me.

AllAmericanGal94 (51.4 days ago)
In x > Step Families
My step-daughter is super excited to be a big sister....

ttc19 (57.5 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
This is so cool <3

neethu (85.1 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation

gengengaona22 (86.2 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation

midnightschild13 (90.4 days ago)
In Fertility > Pregnancy tests
So listen. I can`t remember my LMP (irresponsible as a woman I know but i know it was like days before christmas. I know because me and sis are pretty inline and mine started the days hers ended and i THINK it was the 17th but could have been 20th. Well we both experienced bleeding on the same days this month. she said she wasn`t expecting AF till the 13th and she was having a normal AF. I had some weird light bleeding the 7-8-9th and then expect i would have my real period by today at least and still nothing. Been super emotional like i get the day before my period. But I just tested and it was BFN. So whats up? My bbs do feel a bit fuller but they are 44dd and its kind of hard to tell.... I have been gassy and nauseous but never really throw up until i have a cough spell. I have been really tired. exhausted some days even. Peeing seems about normal but i also feel like my smell is heightened. I just don`t see why i would have all these symptoms and NO BFP?? I was pregnant a few months ago and lost it at about 6 weeks due to stress. I am freaking about my body wondering why things are sooo off.

walat (91.1 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation

exmoncivais (93.3 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation

raven (100 days ago)
In Health and Development > In your 20s
@raven - “cant wait to see my ...„

raven (100 days ago)
In Health and Development > In your 20s
cant wait to see my lillbaby im 19 n alot is being put on hold but id would change anything

Ronnie (113.4 days ago)
In Health and Development > Constipation
Can any one please give me a remedy to back ache that is slowly tearing my partner apart please.... Thanks

kthomas0621 (129.7 days ago)
In Fertility > Endometriosis
Just wanted to share my story and give anyone with endometriosis a little hope…I tried for four years to get pregnant on my own with no success. I then had a failed IUI and an IVF cycle that ended in miscarriage. Two months later, I am pregnant with no treatment. Miracles happen everyday. Never give up!

jamare (131.6 days ago)
In x > Miscarriage
i suffered two lost and i am a total wreck i blame myself none stop. miscarriages often makes you feel guilty

ankitamohanlal (147.7 days ago)
In Fertility > PCOS

dontblink178 (150.2 days ago)
In Health and Development > Development animation
I like how the belly button sticks out from 39 weeks to 40 weeks :) when I was pregnant with my son it popped out and I took a picture and said that most mean I`m done and I had him in my arms less than two days later :D

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Growth and Development > Sleep

Growth and Development > Sleep During the first few months after birth most newborn babies sleep for most of the day. In order for you to have the rest you need, it is important you try to get him into a routine of sleeping during the night. This isn't always an easy task and even if you do manage to develop a good routine i...

Fertility > PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

Fertility > PMS Premenstrual Syndrome Every month most women experience some symptoms of PMS ranging from abdominal cramps and breast tenderness to anger, irritability and food cravings. These emotional and physical changes are triggered by hormonal changes and usually begin between 7 and 14 days before menstruation and PMS is recognize...

Fertility > Female Fertility Problems

Fertility > Female Fertility Problems While it is heartbreaking for many women finding it difficult to conceive, it is best to speak to your caregiver or doctor as many infertility problems, once diagnosed, can be addressed through a variety of fertility treatment options.  The first step to overcoming these problems is to learn a...

Bereavement and Loss > Recurrent Miscarriage

Bereavement and Loss > Recurrent Miscarriage One of the most devastating and heartbreaking things a woman will go through is miscarriage. When a woman suffers two or more in a row the condition is called recurrent miscarriage or repeated miscarriage. Recent research has indicated that only 1% of women will have repeated miscarriages and the c...

Bereavement and Loss > Miscarriage

Bereavement and Loss > Miscarriage A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 20 weeks, when the foetus is not developed enough to survive independently outside the womb. There are many factors which may lead to a miscarriage although the direct cause is usually impossible to identify. Research...

Feeding and Care > Breasts

Feeding and Care > Breasts Whether you are breastfeeding your newborn baby or not there are a few things you can do to cope with the changes in your breasts. All mothers regardless of feeding method will find their breasts larger and heavier and will need to buy larger bras in order to feel comfortable. Breastfeeding mothers...

Growth and Development > Potty training girls

Growth and Development > Potty training girls As with boys, girls potty training must be done when your child is ready and you have the time to give it your full attention. Buying a potty and some pants is always a good start. Allowing your daughter to go with you to the toilet is a great way to show them how to use the potty and using the sam...

Health and Development > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Health and Development > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects many people and is a result of the median nerve being compressed in the carpal tunnel at the wrist. CTS is believed to affect 30 to 50% of pregnant women due to softening on the ligament which forms the roof of the carpal tunnel. This is likely caused by the pro...

Feeding and Care > Milk teeth

Feeding and Care > Milk teeth These are the first set of teeth to grow in the development of humans. They can remain functional for many years but are usually replaced by permanent teeth.......

Health and Development > Amniocentesis

Health and Development > Amniocentesis An amniocentesis test is usually conducted between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy, predominately in women over 35 or those whose blood tests have been returned with an abnormal reading. An amniocentesis tests for neural tube defects or certain chromosomal and genetic disorders as well as diagno...

Health and Development > Allergies

Health and Development > Allergies Allergies are a common problem for many people, with symptoms ranging from mild itching and irritation to anaphylaxis and even death so it is important, especially during pregnancy to get advice from your doctor on your own particular allergy, the effects this may have on your pregnancy and vice ver...

Health and Development > Headaches

Health and Development > Headaches Many pregnant women find they get a lot of headaches during pregnancy caused by the increased levels of hormones their body is producing. While these headaches are unpleasant and painful they do not harm your baby. A lot of women find that stress and fatigue increases the chances of getting headach...

Growth and Development > Crawling

Growth and Development > Crawling As with most things about your baby, his behaviors and development will be unique to him. Most babies roll around on the floor before they start crawling at about five months, the crawling stage beginning at around eight to nine months. However, some babies never crawl, some pull themselves along o...

Fertility > Mucus Inspection Method

Fertility > Mucus Inspection Method While trying to conceive it is important for women to be aware of what is happening in their bodies at any given time. The ovulation or mucus method involves paying careful attention to vaginal excretions to determine when the optimal time is for conception. Cervical mucus acts as a sperm conduit, ...

Fertility > Ovulation Calendar

Fertility > Ovulation Calendar An ovulation calendar helps you to see what is happening on any day in your body and gives an indication of the best times to try getting pregnant. By noting the times of your menstruation, length of your cycle, length of your luteal phase and the first day of your menstrual cycle you can better det...

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